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I know I’ve been essentially radio silent lately, and I know it’s during Food and Wine, but life has gotten in the way. What’s going on? Let’s just say, “That’s proprietary.” I do not know in what capacity the blog will continue. Yes, I will leave it up for reference. I may add to it. I may not. Everything is up in the air right now. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your understanding.


2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is Almost Official!


It’s not much of a secret that today is preview day for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Cast Members get a run at working the kiosks, but sometimes they might not be serving all the dishes, or they open at later times than they would during the official start. Until I am able to get a full reviews up, the best way to see what’s going on is by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram, as those will be the most timely outlets to which I’ll be able to share information! We can’t wait!

Lunch at Splitsville


Over the weekend, I stopped by Splitsville at Disney Springs for a quick lunch and to watch some football. I placed an order for an item I had very much enjoyed in the past: The Alberto. It’s one of the items from their sushi menu and is described as “no rice, just lean protein and veggies. Spicy tuna and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber and served with lemon ponzu sauce.” This is what arrived. We’ll get to a comparison photo from the first time I had it momentarily.


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Dave’s Food and Wine Tracker Returns with Updates

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival officially begins Friday, and David Kennedy of disneypodcast.net has made some updates to the app he created for the Festival last year. The Food and Wine Tracker app for iOS (iPhone) is available for FREE.


Dave created the app per a friend’s suggestion to make the event a bit more social. Whether you’re at the festival or just seeing what’s happening, you can see which dishes are trending and what’s getting good reviews. Did you try a dish? You can give it a thumbs up or down, write a review, or rate it on a 5-star scale. There’s also an option to Tweet about it, and it uses #EpcotFoodAndWine as the hashtag so you can see what others are tweeting about during the Festival. New this year is the ability to create a wishlist of items you’d like to try. For those without iOS, there is a basic web version here you can access in your phone, tablet, or computer’s browser.

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Breakfast at Rainforest Cafe


This past weekend, I made an early trip to Animal Kingdom and stopped by Rainforest Cafe to try their breakfast. I started with a Jungle Fever – Spicy Bloody Mary Mix (I’m guessing Finest Call brand) and vodka blended with “secret seasonings.” It’s topped with their “famous Kettle Chips,” which I believe are Cape Cod chips.


The drink was okay with some doctoring – Tabasco, salt, pepper. The glass was rimmed with celery salt, which I used my straw to scrape and stir in. It was one of those “you know what you’re walking into” situations in terms of the cocktail.


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Mouse Bites for September 18, 2015

everything-pop-chicken-fried-chicken-with-sausage-gravy-scrambled-eggsEverything POP’s Chicken Fried Chicken with Sausage Gravy

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you’ve been having a great week and have a great weekend in store. This week, we kicked off the week with breakfast at Everything POP. We spend some time at Magic Kingdom and had lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Finally, visited Disney Springs and enjoyed lunch at The BOATHOUSE.

cosmic-rays-starlight-cafe-kids-chicken-nuggets-friesKids’ Chicken Nuggets at Cosmic Ray’s

In the news, two dining experiences are coming to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Reservations are now open for Narcoossee’s Waterfront Brunch. New Halloween novelty items are coming to Disney Parks.

Our friends have been up to some adventures as well!

Alexis of Gluten Free in Orlando visits a few places on Disney property:

trails-end-rock-shrimp-hush-puppiesRock Shrimp Hush Puppies at Trail’s End

First up is a trip to Trail’s End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness.

plaza-restaurant-meatloaf-mealPlaza Restaurant’s Meatloaf

She also pays a visit to The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

the-boathouse-gibsons-sandwich-king-burger-3Gibson’s “Sandwich King” Burger Hop Champion from our first visit

Finally, she and a friend dine at The Boathouse at Disney Springs.

sunshine-seasons-mongolian-beef-vegetable-stir-fry-noodlesSunshine Seasons’ Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

Josh at Easy WDW shares Epcot quick service menu updates and dines at Sunshine Seasons and Liberty Inn in this post.

capt-cooks-pork-nachosCaptain Cook’s Pork Nachos

He also stops by Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and has dinner at Capt. Cook’s in this post.

Thank your for visiting and we’ll keep you posted on any Disney food news that comes our way over the weekend. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!

Lunch at The BOATHOUSE


Over the weekend, Matt and I grabbed lunch with my mom and aunt over at The BOATHOUSE at Disney Springs. And with that sentence, I’m now just going to call it The Boathouse. Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing a post and just enjoy the meal, but Matt said a few snaps wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what these pictures are – quick snaps. And not even of everything. Matt and I like trying calamari when we see it on menus, and they do a good job here. I didn’t really care for the sauce, but Matt liked it. There wasn’t really any heat to the calamari itself, but I liked the added fried green onions and Serrano chilies. It’s also pricey for an appetizer at $18 (though everything is pricey here being considered “Signature Dining”), but I felt it was a large portion with plenty to share. Alone it could be a meal, but two shared appetizers for variety would certainly work.


For his entree, Matt ordered the Steak Sandwich. It’s currently (as of this post) not listed on the Disney menu website, but it is on The Boathouse’s official website. I’m going to think that the official website will/is updated more frequently than Disney’s, so I recommend checking both when making your plans. Anyway, the Steak Sandwich features Arugula, Grilled Beefsteak, Tomato, BOATHOUSE Steak Sauce on Toasted Ciabatta and is served with Fries. Matt had already dug in at this point – there is a second half to this sandwich. You can see some of the steak that fell out. 🙂


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