Earl of Sandwich: Breakfast Bacon, Egg ‘n’ Cheddar

Since I had a pleasant experience at Earl of Sandwich a few weeks back for lunch, I thought I would give one of their breakfast sandwiches a try. It will also give us a chance to play a round of Expectations vs. Reality! I was on their website and spotted the same breakfast sandwich I had ordered: Bacon, Egg ‘n’ Cheddar.



At first, it appeared to me that the addition of cheddar had been neglected. Upon further inspection, it had just melted into the bread.

I was surprised by the amount of egg on the sandwich. There were what appeared to be two patties worth once I took a cross section. I’m not crazy about egg patties, but these weren’t overcooked or dried out, and had some fluffiness to them.

And while there’s always room for more bacon, there was a fair amount on the sandwich.

It was a good breakfast sandwich and I’d be happy to order one again, but I think I would rather stick to their lunch options. I was a fan of their smoky, salty bacon on their Best BLT at lunch, and it didn’t disappoint on the breakfast sandwich. They offer a Breakfast BLT as well. It’s certainly a good breakfast option at Downtown Disney whether you’re kicking off a day of shopping or park hopping.


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