Japan’s Sake Bar: Koshihikari Echigo Beer & Hana Fuga Sake

While we enjoy picking up bottles of sake from Mitsukoshi in Epcot’s Japan to bring home to sample, sometimes it’s nice to try new items in the shop. On our last visit, a Rice Lager, Koshihikari Echigo, caught Matt’s eye. He wasn’t in the market for a full 17oz. bottle to take home, so he ordered an 8oz pour of the beer instead.

Koshihikari Echigo is a rice lager made in a German-style decoction mash and is a dry beer with a crisp clean finish. ABV is 5%.

The light golden beer wasn’t overly carbonated. It was crisp with a slight sweetness from the rice. It was very easy to drink; perhaps too easy for the price. A full bottle will set you back around $15 or $16, and while nice to sample it, you’re money may be better off buying a draft Kirin outside the shop instead.

I ordered the Hana Fuga Sparkling Sake ($6.00) from the “regular” menu. The description reads: “Sweetness and bright peach flavors are refreshing as the bubble burst on your palate.”

The carbonation was light, and while I didn’t find the peach flavor strong, Matt certainly did. I like the flavor and could definitely taste it, but I also enjoy the flavor, unlike him. It was indeed sweet, but not overly so, as some sakes can be. The bubble certainly help to lighten it up.

Other specials alongside the Koshihikari Echigo Beer were the Hana Awaka sparkling sake and the Yaegaki Black Bottle Junmai Kuro-Bin.

Whether you’re new to sake or are looking to give them a try, the Sake Bar is the perfect place to sample several different varieties. It also provides a nice escape in the pavilion, and I highly recommend stopping by. And if you need something to absorb some of that alcohol, you can stop by the quick service restaurant Katsura Grill, for some Okonomiyaki to help!

Have you visited the Sake Bar inside Mitsukoshi? Which variety of sake do you prefer?


7 responses to “Japan’s Sake Bar: Koshihikari Echigo Beer & Hana Fuga Sake

  1. Visiting the Sake Bar is something I haven’t done yet. I’m not a big fan of sweet drinks and sake is not an exception. I’ve tried a few but I usually stick with the dry variety. As far as rice beer, I think I only had it once and I don’t think I was a big fan. Based on the menu, it looks like they have two I would like to try, the Kurosawa and the Izumi Judan.

    And of course, need to try Epcot’s version of Okonomiyaki!

  2. I didn’t find this beer to be anything special, especially for the price. It didn’t taste all that different than A “regular” light American lager.

  3. I love visiting the Sake bar inside Mitsukoshi – they always have a monthly special or two and I like checking out what’s new!

  4. I adored the Hana Fuga, but I enjoy sweet wines and cocktails. I was hesitant because I am not a peachy person though. But I found the peach flavor to be quite subtle. I would buy a bottle of it, just not at a Disney premium. Look for it in your local wine shop or ask the proprietor if they can order it for you.

  5. Definitely – I typically don’t buy bottles on property due to the premium, unless I’m staying on property and plan on enjoying it in the room. 🙂

  6. I’m totally new to the sake world. Hana Fuga Sparkling Sake was the first sake I ever had and I enjoyed immensely. Is Hana Fuga the brand or the style?

  7. Hi Eric! From what I understand, Hana Fuga is a product sold by Ozeki, the parent company. It would be along the lines of Dasani or Powerade being sold by Coca Cola. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!