2012 Food & Wine Fife & Drum Tavern


I can’t say I’ve hated whiskey, but more or less have been extremely particular of it. Matt, on the other hand, loves the stuff. Enter Fife & Drum Tavern.

Last year, the Red Stag Lemonade was not a disappointment for him. This year, he couldn’t finish it. There was an off flavor for him. And he loves his JB. Don’t worry – I manned up.

I gave the Honey Tea a try and fell in love. While whiskey is a difficult drink for me, I can appreciate it. There was a hint of cherry, and not a drop went wasted here.

The cocktails at Fife & Drum, in my opinion, were delicious. I loved the honey tea, and while strong, was flavorful. Matt threw in the towel on his drink, and while I didn’t find it awful, I could taste something “not-quite-there” with it. While Jim Bean is typically a staple in our house, I think it might have a bit more presence this year thanks to Red Stag. Is it the same for you?


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