Gasparilla Island Grill

Gasparilla Grill & Games at the Grand Floridian was recently refurbished and reinvented as Gasparilla Island Grill. Menu options have remained fairly similar, but it was still worth checking out the fresh space!








Matt and I headed over for lunch. I’ve ordered the Reuben Dog in the past, which was quite enjoyable, but I wanted to try the Tabbouleh Pita this time around since I was torn in trying it my first time. I reordered the Tomato Mozzarella Salad as my side since I found it very pleasant last time.


Right off the bat, I could see this was not a typical tabbouleh salad being served. It was incredibly light on greens, and focused more on what seemed to be a combination of couscous and bulgar. It was also quite flavorless. The Cucumber Mint Raita had very little mint flavor, and was a bit heavy texturally. It was similar to The Mara’s Falafel Pita at Animal Kingdom Lodge, sans the falafel. Room for improvement, but an okay vegetarian effort nonetheless with some tweaks.


The Tomato Mozzarella Salad wasn’t as enjoyable this time around. Everything was fresh, but I think the last time may have had a bit more basil to give that nice little burst of flavor. Still, there wouldn’t be anything to deter me from ordering it again. I might just need to add a pinch of salt to help the flavors that are there along.


Matt ordered the Sirloin Swiss French Dip which comes topped with Onion Frites. He’s a fan of French Dip sandwiches, so I had a good feeling he was going to choose this item. He was torn at game time, though, and considered one of their two available flatbreads.


There were a lot of Onion Frites on the sandwich, and the beef would have likely benefitted from being more on the “shaved” thickness as the description stated. Matt’s biggest criticism, however, was that the Au Jus with which it was served. It tasted like plain beef broth with no depth of flavor.


The Cucumber Salad he ordered as his side was okay, with some decent vinegary tartness and a very light sweetness. It could have used the crunch and bite of some onion, but was better than the version I ordered at Cosmic Ray’s in the Magic Kingdom.


Overall, the meal was a okay. Matt brought half of his sandwich home for later, as did I, but I didn’t end up eating mine. I’ll either try something new to me next visit, or stick with the Reuben Dog.

UPDATE! Forgot to post the menus! 😉





If you’ve tried any of the items at Gasparilla Island Grill (or its former Gasparilla Grill & Games), let us know what you enjoyed!


2 responses to “Gasparilla Island Grill

  1. I took a stroll over there yesterday. I was surprised at how nice the dining area looks. I didn’t grab a bite. I was looking for some sweets, but none of them were enticing. Maybe they’ll get some tasty cupcakes in the future! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’re welcome! The cupcake are the same as they were before when I looked – S’mores, German Chocolate and Piña Colada. We’ll be reviewing one soon simply because we haven’t tried any from there!