Bongos Cuban Café’s Frita Cubana Burger

Bongos Cuban Cafe at Downtown Disney West Side is one of my favorite restaurants to visit at the shopping district, but one that I don’t visit enough. I enjoy their nearby express window which features appetizers and sandwiches (limited menu), and my first true dining experience there was with a friend who is Cuban and knows what tastes like her family favorites. Bongos is the real deal, and with some time to visit during lunch, I stopped by to see if anything I hadn’t tried would stand out to me.

Surprise, something did! When I read the description for the Frita Cubana Burger, I had to order it: a double patty and cheese Cuban burger made of pork, beef and chorizo served with onions, fresh shoestring potatoes served on a warm bun with plantain chips. The patties alone, featuring chorizo, had me sold!


The burger comes stacked high with lettuce and tomato as well. Shoestring potatoes are tucked between the two delicious patties. The patties have a unique flavor, with the richness of the chorizo and beef cut with pork. They are seasoned well and have a little bit of heat, courtesy of the chorizo, but it’s far from overpowering. Salt level is a bit high as well, but the veggies and bread help bring balance. The mojo sauce was bright and slightly citrusy, and helped cut some of the richness as well, but I enjoyed the burger just as much without. I brought some leftovers home for Matt to try, and he found the burger to be awesome, too.


The burger is also served with plantain chips. The chips were crispy and lightly salted. When Matt tried them, he noted they weren’t as sweet and he anticipated. These were likely made with greener plantains than he’s had in the past, as ripe plantains create a sweeter chip.


The Frita Cubana Burger was a delicious, filling burger that steps outside of the majority of the burgers found on property with its unique ingredients and flavors. While there are many items on Bongos menu that I enjoy, this will certainly make it into my dining rotation on future visits.

Have you tried Bongos Cuban Café’s Frita Cubana Burger? Do you have a different menu item that you love to order there?


6 responses to “Bongos Cuban Café’s Frita Cubana Burger

  1. OMG! That sounds lovely. The only time we’ve eaten at Bongo’s was for a wine dinner during 2011 Food & Wine Festival… Maybe we should give it another try, at lunch 🙂

  2. Nora – Definitely give it a try! It’s certainly not a burger you’ll find elsewhere on property! 🙂

  3. That is a place I’ve never eaten at… The few times we tried to go there, they were packed and the wait list was just too long!
    This burger sounds yummy! I definitely want to try! And it definitely looks like it is big enough for two to share!

  4. Ricardo – The restaurant does indeed get packed, especially in the evenings. The burger was quite large, and paired with the plantains, two can easily share. Although I might also recommend splitting an appetizer as well! 🙂

  5. omigosh. This looks delicious. SO GOOD. It’s almost midnight and I wish I had one right now.

  6. Estelle – Totally head to Bongos on your next trip!