Columbia Harbour House: Revisiting Some Favorites

One of Matt’s favorite restaurants at Magic Kingdom is Columbia Harbour House, and it had been well over a year since our last visit. With grumbling stomachs while wandering Liberty Square, he suggested we stop in for a quick bite. I thought it would be a great opportunity to check in on some old favorites.


Matt’s favorite has been the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich for some time. The sandwich consists of white tuna with lettuce and tomato on toasted multigrain bun with potato chips.


Although he orders this whenever he’s at Columbia Harbour House, he remembers after the fact that he doesn’t care for the multigrain bread. He must still have the bread used in his youth engrained in his memories. 🙂 Still, the sandwich is filling and it’s doubtful he’ll stray from ordering it any time in the near future.


I ordered my favorite, the Battered Fish Basket. Three pieces of fried fish are served alongside your choice of Steamed Fresh Broccoli, Apple Slices, or French Fries. I went with the fries.


The fish was served piping hot, with a golden, crunchy exterior and white, flaky interior. While it’s not on par with Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK Pavilion at Epcot, it certainly hits the spot when your craving something fried and don’t want chicken nuggets. It’s definitely my go-to choice at the restaurant.



Do I really need to review the fries? Disney, like most, fries: delicious when fresh, usually acceptable when lukewarm. 😉


Columbia Harbour House is still hitting the mark with our favorite dishes to order at the restaurant. It’s nice to know that we can visit for a consistent, quick meal, relax for a bit (sometimes check out all the interesting memorabilia on the walls), and head back out for the rest of the afternoon or evening. It has been, and likely will be, a top pick for a long time to come.

What’s you favorite item to order at Columbia Harbour House? Do you ever spend time to explore the decor when you dine there?


10 responses to “Columbia Harbour House: Revisiting Some Favorites

  1. One of the best moments of my solo trip last year was ordering a Lighthouse (that’s the broccoli-slaw-‘n-hummus, right? That one!) and eating up upstairs while looking out the window at the Haunted Mansion. Awesome.

    So… canned tuna? Yuck. 😉

  2. Yup! That’s the Lighthouse Sandwich! And ditto on the canned tuna – YUCK!

  3. I ate here in November for the first time based on so many rave reviews and found it gross. Maybe it’s cause I’m from New England, but I didn’t find this to be good. The Lobster Roll was pretty much a mayo roll. I did not care for the fish sticks. Next time I’ll be bypassing this place.

  4. I lived in Maine for ten years and went against my better instincts and ordered the lobster roll a little over a year ago. I refused to even take a bite for a review when I saw it as it was mayonnaise on a roll with some yellowed lettuce on top and looked NOTHING like the picture. I was able to exchange it for the fried fish, which by no means is the best on property (and clearly a frozen product), but it was better than trying to choke down that “lobster” roll! 🙂

  5. I think Columbia Harbor House is one of the best dining spots in the Magic Kingdom. It’s been a while since we’ve eaten there, though. We’re much more likely to leave the park and eat at an adjacent resort. I think I’ll have to make it a point to have lunch at the Columbia Harbor House again soon; I’ve been wanting to try that salmon dish they introduced a few years ago. The clam chowder has always been a favorite of mine, too, even though it doesn’t quite measure up to the chowder in sourdough bread bowls in Disneyland.

  6. Melissa – While the menu is simple, the items that we enjoy are consistently good. Matt’s brother, who is on strict Atkins, ordered the salmon with steamed broccoli and found it to be pretty good (considering theme park counter service). I too prefer hitting up a monorail resort, especially since it gives you a break – and a drink. 🙂 but if you’re staying in the park, it’s a solid choice.

  7. Lighthouse sandwich (the hummus one!) and the vegetarian chili (it is more interesting than a standard veggie chili, with black olives & other veggies) is one of my favourite quick service meals on property. Love Columbia Harbour House!

  8. Jasmine – Thank you for vouching for the vegetarian options at CHH! I will admit the veg chili did stand out to me the other day, and I almost gave it a try. If it tastes good, I’ll eat chili with or without meat. 🙂 The Lighthouse Sandwich is interesting to me – I’ll have to brach put next visit!

  9. That is a place I’ve been telling myself I need to to try. But visit after visit, whenever we’re in that part of the park, we’re never hungry, and can only think “Quick! To the Haunted Mansion!”. I had seen your review on the lobster roll and while I was glad to not have ever ordered it from there, I was disappointed because I really wanted something like that to be good in the parks!

  10. Even if you don’t dine there, stop in (during non-peak meal times, of course ;)) to look at the decor and theming if you haven’t before. There are a lot of details that really seem to transport you to a different time and place.