Disney’s Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Do you ever want to feel like you’re sort of being healthy while on your Disney vacation? But then again, you still want to walk into a candy shop and order something covered in chocolate? Well, WDW has a treat for you! Look for the huge Chocolate Dipped Strawberries in the candy shops at the parks or at Goofy’s Candy Company or Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney (and a few other locations around property). Some of these berries nearly fill the palm of my hand!


Matt loves strawberries and has a bit of a sweet tooth, so this is a perfect bring-home item for us to share (read: I can have a bite and he can have the rest ;)). The strawberries used are really quite large, and the coating of chocolate on them is relatively thin in comparison.


The strawberry is the star of this attraction, with the chocolate bringing a bit of creamy sweetness to the berry’s natural sugars. If you’re looking for a treat with a little less guilt, give one of WDW’s Chocolate Dipped Strawberries a try.


4 responses to “Disney’s Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

  1. Vicki Murphy

    We shared a terrific snack box while waiting for Fantasmic last trip – it had some cheese, grapes, baguette, & best of all 3 chocolate covered strawberries. Delish!

  2. Sounds like the perfect snack not only for Fantasmic, but any time! 😉

  3. Call me a sizist, but I just cannot trust a gigantic strawberry. When they’re that big, they’re never as sweet or flavorful as their normal-sized counterparts. There really aren’t any Disney confections that do pique my interest, though. I’m not a big chocolate person, and I think the cupcakes and pastries mostly just taste generically sweet without any other flavor to speak of.

  4. This particular strawberry wasn’t the perfect specimen based on season, but it hit the spot! I do understand what you mean, though!