Earl of Sandwich’s Breakfast Ham ‘N’ Swiss

We’re continuing our 2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge that Nora & Nick of Extra WDW Magic thought up (#2013eateachsandwich)! Today Ham ‘N’ Swiss from the Breakfast Menu!


The sandwich isn’t just a basic ham and cheese. This sandwich is doctored up with both sour cream and a mustard sauce. Mine also came with a few rogue strips of bacon. 😉


The sandwich comes with a few good size pieces of ham and a piece of cheese tucked inside. There a bit of mustard sauce on the bread for a little bit of acidity, but it was used lightly and wasn’t overpowering.


Here’s where most of the sour cream ended up on mine – squished out of the side along with a bit of the Swiss. Once I got the filling situated, I liked the tartness of the sour cream along with the other flavors. It was an interesting and unexpected touch, and as someone who isn’t fond of ham when it’s a primary ingredient on a sandwich, I really liked it.


Of the couple breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in the past (pre-challenge), I don’t know if this will replace my top choice of the Breakfast BLT, but it’s definitely a close second!

Let us know if you’ve tried the Ham ‘N’ Swiss breakfast sandwich from Earl of Sandwich and what you thought of it. What your favorite breakfast sandwich from the restaurant?

Challenge Checklist

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Chipotle Chicken Avocado (former Limited Time Only offering)*
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Any other “Limited Time Only” offerings throughout the year*


Egg ‘N’ Cheddar
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Ham ‘N’ Swiss
Breakfast BLT*


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6 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Breakfast Ham ‘N’ Swiss

  1. Haven’t tried the Ham ‘n’ Swiss breakfast sandwich, my favorite is also the breakfast BLT.

  2. yum! i’ve been on a sandwich kick lately! BLT is my fav.

  3. I love ham and swiss for breakfast! Or lunch. Or dinner, lol. That’s definitely one I’d like to try if we ever actually make it to Downtown Disney that early in the day.

  4. I was really surprised by it! Not big on ham, been appreciating sour cream over the past year or two, mustard and Swiss are tasty… A lot could have gone wrong, but this was pretty intriguing, and in a good way! I hope you get to try it, otherwise, let me know if you need me to pick one up for you for a mid-afternoon snack when you’re down again! 😛

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