Sanaa’s New Menu and Lamb Kefta Sliders

A few days ago, our friend Shalon headed over to Sanaa and was kind enough to share pictures of the new dinner menu. I was interested in checking it out myself, so I headed over to their lounge to try one of the new items. I was a fan of their Lamb Kefta Kebabs from their previous menu, and was curious as to how the new sliders would be.


Here’s a look at the Lamb Kefta Kebabs that were previously served. They came with a mint chutney and sliced carrots that were prepared in a spicy sauce. Delicious!

sanaa-lamb-keftaFormer Lamb Kefta Kebabs with Mint Chutney

The new sliders feature goat cheese, piquante peppers, and pickled shallots.


Now served in this fashion, there is a lot less lamb going into the dish. The meat is still nicely seasoned, but there is so much bread in comparison.


The kefta was cooked around medium. I had been waiting for a while to receive the order, and a manager had stopped by to inform me that they were making up a fresh batch of the kefta since it is an item that’s “held.”


I’d brought the remaining sliders home for Matt to try, and he thought they were awesome. Had I never had the kefta in their previous format, I probably would have been a bit more enthusiastic about them. If I try to look at these with fresh eyes, yes, I would order the dish again, although if I’m going to eat kefta here, I think I’d rather go for the open-faced Grilled Lamb Kefta sandwich:


Oh yeah, and definitely go for the bread service! I’m glad they now offer all nine accompaniments with the bread, and the breads also received some minor changes.



Here’s another look at the menus being offered at the restaurant.






While an official lounge menu hasn’t been printed for the books yet, I was told that that featured items will be the Indian-Style Bread Service, Lamb Kefta Sliders, Potato and Pea Samosas, and the Salad Sampler. These are what the offered before, with the exception of the Lamb Kefta Kebabs turning into the sliders. Be sure to check out some of our past reviews! We’ve dined at lunch, I’ve snacked at the bar, and enjoyed cocktails such as their Bloody Mary and the African Starr Mojito!



I’m sure guests who were fans of some of the dishes that were tweaked or disappeared may be disappointed in the changes, but it does have to happen sometimes. I look forward to my next visit, hopefully with Matt next time, so we can try some more items and report back on them!

Has your favorite dish disappeared from the menu? Which dishes stand out to you?


7 responses to “Sanaa’s New Menu and Lamb Kefta Sliders

  1. I’m glad to see that even with menu changes, some of my favorite things about Sanaa’s lounge remain. Particularly, that Brandon is still behind the bar (he and Kat are two of our favorite bartenders on property; Sanaa is lucky to have them), and that the Jardin chardonnay is still on the wine list. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t care for the sliders. I love lamb and think that Disney could use more of it in general, but not if they’re replacing well-executed dishes with weak alternatives.

  2. The sliders were fine, it’s just I can get sliders anywhere (and hasn’t that whole slider thing died out yet? ;)). I don’t want little pucks of kefta tucked away in bread, like they’re tried to hide what should be the star of the show (or stretch their dollars). I’m going to Sanaa because I want a more “authentic” dining experience, if that makes some sense.

    Also, that photo of the bar is old, so I’m not sure if Brandon is still there.

  3. I’m glad to hear they offer all nine accompaniments with the bread, I always had a hard time choosing. I agree with you about the slider thing, it’s getting to be a bit overdone. I hope their lamb sliders don’t suffer from the same thing that the New Zealand lamb sliders did at F&WF when they switched from sliced to ground. It’s now tasting like ground beef instead of lamb and as a result I no longer eat it.

  4. These still retained that lamb flavor (I know what you mean about the ones at F&W), it juts gets a bit hidden with the bread. It used to be the main attraction! 🙂

  5. We also feel like the whole “slider” thing is ready to pass into the sunset (along with the whole “fancy cupcake” thing). Just make a good burger (be it lamb, beef, pork, turkey, or whatever) – you don’t have to make them “wee”…

  6. Sanaa is my favorite restaurant at WDW. Now I’ve got another reason to return!

  7. As if you really needed a reason to go! 😉