Frozen Drinks at The Crown Bar at Splitsville

While enjoying the weather at Downtown Disney, Matt and I grabbed a high top at The Crown Bar at Splitsville for a couple of frozen beverages and listen to the musicians play some tunes. Summer weather is creeping up on us, and being outside with a frozen drink to cool off is always fun. We looked behind the bar and saw the spinning alcohol-infused frozen drinks, and we reminded of strolling Duval Street in Key West with drinks poured from such machines. One flavor that stood out to us was the Gator Bite, as it reminded us of the Grainerade we had on that trip. Matt decided to order it for himself.


The drink is a mix of vodka, grain and orange, and it does not mess around. I took a taste and really liked it, but it was a bit too sweet for Matt. Having a water alongside to help cut that sweetness probably would have been wise.


I ordered the Rumrunner, a drink made up of Bacardi Rum, blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, lime juice and cranberry. The blackberry was definitely the most prominent flavor in their concoction, as the particular drink recipe varies quite a bit. There was some tartness from the cranberry, but the drink was still a bit on the sweet side.



Of the two drinks, I would order myself the Gator Bite. Matt, on the other hand, will stick with beer, or perhaps a whiskey on the rocks if he’s in the mood for liquor. The frozen drinks are pretty basic, but if you grab either of the two we sampled and you’re not too keen on drinks that are sweet, grab a water to help mellow it out. Also note that these were pretty strong, and if you want to try a sample of one first, I’ve seen a bartender give a guest a small taste to be sure she would like it.

Here’s a look at the bar menus – Click for larger!



So which drink would you order while relaxing at The Crown Bar at Splitsville?


2 responses to “Frozen Drinks at The Crown Bar at Splitsville

  1. I have a feeling I’d side with Matt on this one. I don’t care much for frozen drinks. I’m really excited to see all (and taste most) that Splitsville has to offer, though!

  2. The Gator Bite was nice and orangey though. I liked it! I’ve been hesitant to order food since that one item I ordered when they opened. Overpriced even by Disney standards and what I brought home I threw out. Matt still wants to try food though, so we’ll see!