Snacks from China: I-Mei Wafer Roll – Vanilla Flavor

Are you a fan of Pirouline? You’ll find these toasted, rolled wafer cookies with such fillings as dark chocolate and chocolate hazelnut. While shopping in the open-air section of the House of Good Fortune at Epcot’s China pavilion, I found these similar looking I-Mei Wafer Rolls in a vanilla flavor.


The ingredients are simple: flour, sugar, milk, vanilla and a few other “goodies.”



Inside the box is a wrapped tray of the rolled wafers.



The wafers had the texture and flavoring reminiscent of fortune cookies; they were flaky and crisp. The smooth, sweet vanilla filling coated the inside of the cookie. I thought these were pretty good, and Matt loved them.

The I-Mei Wafer Rolls are something we’d both gladly purchase again. They were texturally pleasing, not too sweet, and with a Ziploc bag at home, were able to enjoy them over the course of a few days. Otherwise, these may not have lasted that long. 😉 If you spot them, give them a try. They also would make a good souvenir to enjoy when you arrive home from vacation!

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