Old Port Royale’s Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort is a quick service location with several stations from which you can choose. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and while their menu options are relatively standard to what you’ll find across WDW property, some items are served with a Caribbean flare. Of the stations, you’ll find Montego’s Deli, Bridgetown Broiler (which was closed until dinner), Old Port Royale Hamburger Shop and Royale Pizza and Pasta Shop.


After some studying of the menus, I headed to the Hamburger Shop and ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich is topped with Crispy Onions, Chipotle Sauce, Swiss and is served with a choice of Pasta Salad or French Fries. The default option here is fries, and I wasn’t offered a choice and neglected to request the pasta salad when I ordered.


The sandwich was quite large and looked pretty good, with a very large chicken breast tucked inside a hearty roll. The chicken was also well seasoned, but the primary flavor I got from it was the cinnamon. The chicken itself was a bit on the dry side, which is one of my primary issues with ordering grilled or baked chicken on property.


The chipotle sauce was pretty mild, and the onions were nice and crispy. Overall, the flavors were nice, but it wouldn’t be a top pick for me. When it comes to the sandwich selection here, there are some better sounding options to me, such as the Cuban Sandwich I had on my last visit nearly two years ago.


The fries had been made fresh as I saw them come out of the fryer and placed on my plate, but they seemed to be a bit on the lighter side of cooking and retained a bit more oil than I would have liked. This was when I really wished I had recalled ordering the pasta salad to try.


As I find with many of the resorts with food court style dining, the option is sufficient for a quick meal before heading to the parks, an afternoon break or a convenient dinner. It’s not really destination dining, but on the upside you know what to expect, especially when it comes to items like their pizza, burgers and chicken nuggets.

Take a look at the menus, as there are some interesting items that may be worth a look for something a bit more unique to Old Port Royale, such as the Caribbean Catch Sandwich, Royale Sandwich, Beef and Blue on Ciabatta Bread and the assorted Caribbean Salads with some different protein options, including tofu. Also, their menu expands at dinner to offer additional items like Ropa Vieja, Mojo Pork and Chicken or Shrimp Curry.

I still need to visit for dinner at some point, but let us know what you’ve tried at Old Port Royale. Did you find one of the more specialty items was fantastic? Is there a dish of which one might want to steer clear?


6 responses to “Old Port Royale’s Jerk Chicken Sandwich

  1. Thanks for the review!!!

  2. You’re welcome, Erica! Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll enjoy while you’re there on your trip. There are so many options from the more standard to Caribbean-inspired, so even if you eat there a few times, you won’t get bored! 😉

  3. Thanks for reviewing! Although we’ve actually stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort, we’ve never eaten at Old Port Royale or Shutters. Both seem quite overlooked in general. I hope to make my way over there one day just to see myself if that’s for good reason.

  4. The dinner options sound interesting, but I’ve been spoiled by really good versions of things like Mojo Pork and such elsewhere in Orlando. 😉 I still need to try Shutters, too. They have a few interesting menu items, and I can imagine if I was making my way to Caribbean Beach for dinner, I’d want to go for table service. 🙂

  5. I’m sure I’ll find something good to eat! We’ll be there for two weeks so there will be plenty of time to try the food court. We also have Shutters booked for dinner one night. Can’t wait to try it out!

  6. We’ve stayed at Caribbean Beach MANY times. Counter service: They used to have a turkey and bacon sandwich that was very good and their salads used to be interesting and tasty (we haven’t eaten there in a few years). Shutters: Their food was always hit or miss. Now that they have a new chef (from the Disney Cruise line), we really want to get back over there and have dinner… some of those menu items are enticing and different.