Boulangerie Patisserie’s Mousse au Chocolat

Matt has been on a little bit of a sweet kick lately, which is great because I can sample dessert items for review here on the blog and not have to worry about eating it all myself! 😉 We were recently walking toward France at Epcot, and Matt decided he wanted to stop by Boulangerie Patisserie for something sweet. We got in line and waited as he looked at all the options, but finally decided on the Mousse au Chocolat.


The chocolate mousse is topped with tiny bits of dark chocolate and the crunchy, spherical sprinkles that have become a popular dessert topping at WDW the past year or so.

boulangerie-patisserie-mousse-au-chocolatThe mousse itself is smooth, light, and also offers enough sweetness to satiate any chocolate or sugar craving you may have. It smaller size provides a bit less guilt than some of the larger desserts available, if you ever feel that way on vacation. 😉


I had a few bites and liked the textural contrast of the dark chocolate bits and sprinkles. Matt liked, well, everything about it. He’s a fan of chocolate mousse in general.


We’ve only tried one other dessert item here (!), the Strawberry Tart, so are working our way through sampling other treats that are available. Needless to say, we’ll be stopping by again. 🙂

Which items from Boulangerie Patisserie are your top picks? Will you visit for desserts, the savory items, or some of each? You can check out the displays and menus here!


12 responses to “Boulangerie Patisserie’s Mousse au Chocolat

  1. I’ve tried several of the items there and they were all good to me. My top picks would have to be 1) Napoleon (although messy to eat), 2) Mousse au chocolat, and 3) Tarte aux fraises. YUM! YUM!

  2. Kinda resembles the “grey stuff” over at Be Our Guest???

  3. Ricardo – Ooh, we almost bought the Napoleon the other day, but the mousse won out! Next time… 🙂

    Steven – Yes, it does!

  4. I ALWAYS got the mousse, but last time we broke tradition and opted for the Napoleon. They’re both so good!

  5. We’ll definitely have to try it next time!

  6. The only sweet we’ve tried from Boulangerie Patisserie is the Chocolat Eclair. While it wasn’t what we typically get for an eclair (those are probably closer to southern donut Long John’s) – it was pretty tasty and not as sweet as you might expect; nearly all the sweetness came from the icing.

  7. The Chocolate Eclair sounds like something Matt would like. We saw them in the display, but still just read as “donut” to us. It’s on the radar though, and if it’s not too sweet in the filling and dough than I might like it, too. 🙂

  8. It’s really more like pate choux than like a donut (well, at least when we had it in January)…

  9. I really really liked the macaroon here. But the set up of the line and how you get service was SO annoying 😦 I hope by the time I come back (if I ever do… haha) they clear up that issue. Now I’m hungry.

  10. I think the line is better than what it was when it was a tight squeeze, but I know what you mean. Now the lane snakes and is very wide, and guests have trouble figuring out which “side” to head to when they get up to the displays. Savory items are in the middle, and desserts are on each side. They need an additional separator at the end to create a flow. They also had extra exits in the line on the side to head right to the sweets, which seems to add to the confusion. It’s a wide enough line that a guest was trying to navigate a double wide stroller through there!

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  12. I’m terribly concerned about possible yumminess being left in those tiny container corners- that would be awful!