A Respite at Dawa Bar

No trip to Animal Kingdom is complete without a visit to Dawa Bar, especially when Matt is alongside. I think a stop in is a requirement for him to go to the park! Tucked off to the side of Tusker House in Harambe, you will find tables at which to kick back and relax with a cocktail or two.


This sign has been posted outside of the space for some time now, and while I’ve enjoyed the African Margarita, I’d yet to stop in for a Sugar Cane Mojito.


Apart from their liquor bar and selection of draft beers, they have bottled beer, including a few from Africa. Matt decided to try the Harar Beer, the bottle on the far right.


The beer was light and cloudy, with little head that formed. Smelling it, I could sense a bit of sweetness, almost honey-like, but it didn’t come through in the flavor as much. It was a decent beer to try, but the $7.25 price tag on a 12oz bottle is steep (yes, I know it’s a theme park ;)).


I decided to finally try the Sugar Cane Mojito. The cocktail consists of Starr African Rum and Sugar Cane Syrup mixed with Fresh Mint, Lime, and a splash of Soda. It’s been quite some time since I enjoyed a Mojito, so I was really looking forward to this drink. The rum wasn’t too strong, and the amount of syrup added was enough to balance the lime and mint.


The mint had seen better days and some was a bit bruised (not just from the muddle), but it still had a crisp, refreshing taste. And chewing on the sugar cane was fun, too. 🙂 It’s the most expensive cocktail on the menu at $9.75, but it really hit the spot on a hot day.


Interested in some of Dawa Bar’s other cocktails?

dawa-bar-harambe-cooler Harambe Cooler
Starr African Rum, Myers’s Original Dark Rum, and Pangani Punch

dawa-bar-african-margaritaAfrican Margarita
Sauza Gold Tequila, Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur from South Africa, Sweet & Sour, and Lime Juice

dawa-bar-lost-on-safari Lost on Safari
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Bacardi Superior Rum, and refreshing Pangani Punch

So what will you be ordering? 😉


9 responses to “A Respite at Dawa Bar

  1. I keep wanting to stop here! That mojito looks perfect for a hot day and I really want to try the margarita with the tangerine!

  2. I believe I had an African Margarita and Danny had a Lost on Safari on our last visit. We liked both, and would order either again just to enjoy some time in such a quiet, well-themed corner of the park.

  3. I love the lost in Safari!

  4. Sarah – We’ll need to go next time you’re down!

    Melissa – We spent too much time and money there last visit… 🙂

    Jennifer – It’s quite refreshing, isn’t it? Yum!

  5. I have yet to have a drink there!!

  6. Ricardo – You need to visit next time!

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  8. Dawa Bar is so fantastic. Last time we just stuck to the Safari Amber Ale… James has tried most of the beer there and it’s still his favorite. (It’s amazing how much fresh mintness affects a pretty drink picture! Boo!)

  9. Sad mint! I believe we’ve had a few of the beers (one in particular during Sundowner Celebration), and they’ve been “fine.” It’s funny – when I’m at AK I prefer the mixed drinks, but at Epcot I want beer. Probably because of the much better beer selection there. 😉 Studios, I pretty much stick to beer at Tune-In. 😉