Breakfast at Everything Pop

Having only been to Everything Pop for a meal once (and finding it to be pretty good), I decided I stop by for their breakfast to give it a try. While you will find some of the more basic items, like the Bounty Platter, omelets and such, you will also find some Latin inspired items.


I decided to try several of the available items and had plenty to bring home so Matt could sample them as well. First up we have the Guava Pastry. It’s described as a House-made Pastry filled with Guava and Cream Cheese.


The exterior is sprinkled with sanding sugar, provided a bit of a crunch to the lightly cooked, flaky pastry.


The inside has a thin layer of the guava and cream cheese blend, and while you can see the guava, I noticed the cream cheese flavor to be more prominent.


Once home, I reheated it later in the oven and it made for a nice snack for Matt. I’d suggest asking to see if they can toast it for you, as the added warmth was a plus for the item.


I also ordered the Empanada: Puff Pastry filled with Beef, Chorizo, Onions, and Spices. Much like the guava pastry, this was also lightly cooked, and I found myself preferring this fresh from the oven later in the evening.



I definitely preferred this savory filling to the sweeter guava, but both were good in their own way. I’d certainly order this again, and it’s my top pick of the three items I ordered.


Finally, we have the Spanish Quiche featuring Eggs, Plantains, Beef, Chorizo, Onion, Garlic, and Cumin with a Buttermilk Biscuit. I believe this was supposed to receive a biscuit on the side, which did not make it to the plate if that’s the case. No worries – I still had a TON of food to bring home!


The quiche had been baked more than the pastries, with a browned crust on top.


I enjoyed the seasonings and kick from the chorizo, but I could have done without the plantains. They added a sweet counterpart to which I would have preferred to have been savory, but I’m sure many others would like the salty/sweet balance. Still, they are by no means a reason for me to not order the quiche again. I’m quite pleased that some more interesting flavors are being worked in on the breakfast menu.


Overall, I’d return for these breakfast items. While there are some flavor preferences I have, each of the items did strike a good chord. I like the direction breakfast is taking on property and look forward to seeing what’s in store for the meal in the future.

Do you dine at Everything Pop? Have you been able to try any of the above items? Let us know what you thought!


4 responses to “Breakfast at Everything Pop

  1. Oh My! Those pastries look delicious – they’re going on the list for next trip!

  2. I hope you get to try them and love them!

  3. Given my hispanic heritage, that Empanada looks delicious! It reminds me of the pastelillos that my grandmother makes.
    Two quick questions: Is the Empanada available all day or only at breakfast? And is it enough for a meal, or is it more like a snack?

  4. I believe it’s only served at breakfast, based on the menus online at the WDW website. It’s definitely along the lines of a snack size, as there isn’t a ton of filling and the pastry is light. So cool to hear it looks like something you grandmother makes!