Disney at Home: Frozen Cherry Limeade

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’re thirsty! We’ve got a cocktail for you straight from Food & Wine Festival: the Bacardi Torched Cherry Frozen Cherry Limeade!


The cocktail is simple: Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum, Grenadine, frozen  Margarita Mix and ice. Oh yeah, I totally reused my awesome cup for this!


The whole recipe from the F&W cookbook is at the bottom, but here are my thoughts on it. The recipe wasn’t quite the same at home. There was certainly more pucker to this drink, so if you’re a fan of tart drinks, this will be right up your alley as is. Right off the bat, you can see the red is much richer thanks in part to the grenadine. My blender is great for mixing frozen drinks, so the ice was smooth.


One aspect that needed to be changed for me was the sweet-tart balance. The F&W version tasted like the SweeTart red candy. When I try to make my version 2.0, I’ll nix the grenadine for maraschino syrup. I think that would bring both the color and sweetness I’m looking for.

food-and-wine-caribbean-marketplace-frozen-cherry-limade-at-home-closeGarnish if you wish with a lime wedge and/or cherry  🙂

food-and-wine-caribbean-marketplace-frozen-cherry-limade-recipeClick for larger

While not spot on, I’ll certainly be mixing this drink up again, especially with the Florida temps and humidity creeping up on me. Now off to the store for some of that maraschino syrup!

Did you get to try the Bacardi Torched Cherry Frozen Cherry Limeade at Food & Wine last year? What did you think? Will you give it a try at home?


4 responses to “Disney at Home: Frozen Cherry Limeade

  1. Do you think this might turn out more like the original with a grenadine other than Rose’s? I make my own at home I think it might be pretty good with homemade, though it will probably taste less like cherry and more like pomegranate that way.

  2. That’s very possibly using homemade. What it seems to be missing is the pop of sweetness, and even if it’s pomegranate, it could certainly still be good! 🙂

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