Wetzel’s Pretzels at Downtown Disney

While Wetzel’s Pretzels is a chain, sometimes while walking around Downtown Disney I get a craving for a warm, salty pretzel. As a fan of getting an Auntie Anne’s pretzel when visiting the mall growing up, I like the buttery touch of the this style of pretzel.


Baked to a golden brown with a light brushing of butter, there is a very light crispness that gives way to their soft interior.


The flavor is an addictive one for me, and being a fan of salty snacks, this is a treat that really hits the spot. While I may not stop in for one every visit to Downtown Disney, there are some days I get a craving for it.


Do you like to stop in to Wetzel’s Pretzels where you visit Downtown Disney? Do you prefer the original pretzel or go for a flavored variety?


3 responses to “Wetzel’s Pretzels at Downtown Disney

  1. Every time I think of stopping there, I remind myself that I have Wetzel’s Pretzels in my local mall, so I end up going somewhere else. But yes, their pretzels are great! I love their cheese dogs!!

  2. Yes, if you have access to one fairly easily where you live, I could see skipping it at DTD. However, DTD is my local place for them, though. 😉

  3. I am hoping that sometime in the next 2 or 3 years, DTD will also be my local place too!! 🙂