Sunday Dining at Raglan Road

A few months ago, I stopped in to Raglan Road to try their Sunday Brunch menu. I had an enjoyable experience, so I recently stopped back in with Matt so he could check it out. While the Sunday Brunch menu is served until 4pm, the “regular” menu is also available. After we decided on what we wanted to eat, we placed our order and were served their delicious Irish Soda Bread.


The bread itself is quite good, but it’s the Olive Oil with Guinness Reduction that really shine. Matt thought it was awesome, too.


Though debating between ordering from the brunch menu or lunch menu, he ultimately opted for the Pancakes Diaspora: Homemade pancakes with creme fraiche, maple syrup and mixed berry compote. Matt’s not big on berries, with the exception of strawberries, so I ended up eating the other berries from the compote. There were very good, with just a touch of sweetness, but allowing the flavors of the berry to shine.


The serving of pancakes is quite large, so he only made it about halfway through the stack. I think he would have preferred to nix the maple syrup and slather the cakes with butter. 🙂

Looking over the cocktail menu, I had to order the Jay’Gail Sangria again. It’s described as a refreshing blend of Magners Cider, Peach Schnapps and Fruit Liqueurs & squeezes. On my last visit, the drink was a bright yellow. My recent version had a pink hue. It was still very delicious! I love the use of Magners as a base, giving the drink a bit of carbonation. Matt kept stealing sips from it. Get your own! 😉 I seriously need to make a translation of this at home.


Since it was early afternoon, I was more in a lunch mode, so I ordered the Dalkey Duo from the appetizer menu. Dalkey Duo is battered cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce. Six of the sausage are served atop forks, with three or four in a bowl off to the side.


My order was served without the Dalkey mustard dipping sauce, and after a couple minutes, I caught the bartender’s attention and requested the mustard. I was given regular yellow mustard, and I must have had a look of confusion on my face because she said, “Oh… they didn’t get you the mustard that comes with the dish.” She apologized and quickly went to retrieve it for me.


The sausages were nicely fried with a crispy skin, but be warned, the meat is quite salty, and it sneaks up on you. A couple pieces in, and I struggles to eat any more. Granted, this is meant to be shared, so a few sausages probably aren’t as intense as trying to eat it as a meal.


The Dalkey mustard had a bit of sweetness to it, almost like a honey mustard. I think I would have preferred the yellow mustard after all, at least for its peppery, vinegary bite. I know, that’s blasphemy at Raglan Road. Can I please get some Colman’s then? 😉 Despite the saltiness, I would still order these again. I just need to get my palette adjusted to/prepared for it. I found the same saltiness when I ordered Bangers and Mash at Rose & Crown Dining Room.


Overall we had a great experience. The band was enjoyable (although LOUD!) and got the crowd involved clapping and singing to The Wild Rover, and the dancing was fun to watch. It’s definitely worth a visit for Sunday Brunch, but if it doesn’t fit into your schedule, any time will do, even if only for a pint!


13 responses to “Sunday Dining at Raglan Road

  1. Sounds lovely! I became addicted to the English yellow mustard on our recent trip (sometimes it was clearly Coleman’s and sometimes I couldn’t really tell). We haven’t tried any of the breakfast or brunch items at Raglan Road yet… for the very reason you stated in your closing paragraph… the music is LOUD and that takes away a lot of the pleasure we get from eating at Raglan Road.

  2. The Dalkey Duo looks good! I will definitely try that!

  3. Nora – When we first arrived, there was no music playing. We thought maybe they had finished for the day. Nope! It probably would have been more enjoyable if maybe we had a table and were actually watching. Not saying the music isn’t enjoyable for what it is. I guess they have to crank it to 11 to get into all the corners of the restaurant. 😉

    Ricardo – It is very good, just a bit salty when you’re not expecting it! Very different than American varieties in that way, which are already plenty salty. 🙂

  4. Sarah – (selfishly?) I think that nearly all the “entertainment” music (i.e. not music for background and theming) at Disney World is cranked up to 11, the only thing that stands out as not being overly loud = Voices of Liberty. We’ve noticed it most in the last 3 or 4 years… I carry earplanes for Nick when we go to dinner or such… it’s too loud for him to enjoy a meal otherwise (makes his BP go up and he gets very fidgety).

  5. It’s probably a struggle between guests and WDW: Guests get loud to talk over the music, music gets louder because guests don’t want to hear other conversations. It’s a lose-lose. There’s no such thing as an “inside voice” at Disney. 😀

  6. Amen. Remind me to tell you a story about “inside voices” at the Japan Pavilion (the story is OLD).

  7. Oh boy… Will do! 🙂

  8. I totally agree with you and Nora about the noise level of “show music” at Disney. The only new show that seems to be a decent volume is Minnie’s Fly Girls at California Adventure.

  9. I need to YouTube that show. Who knows if it will still be around by the time I get out there again! 🙂

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  12. We make it a point to go to Ragland Road every time we are in the Orlando area. Dinner time with the music and dancers is the best along with the Dalkey Duo!

  13. It’s a very fun and entertaining environment, not to mention delicious!