The Mara’s Strawberry Tart

Recently while exploring Animal Kingdom Lodge, I stopped by The Mara, the resort’s quick service restaurant, to grab a bottle of water. Since I was right there next to the other cooler cases, my eyes did some wandering. That’s when I spotted this beauty: a Strawberry Tart. Having enjoyed Boulangerie Patisserie’s version a few months back, I decided to give this one a try as well.


The Mara’s version is simple with a lightly sweetened crust filled with a whipped cream (actually milk, looking at the ingredients below) and strawberries, then topped with pistachios.


The strawberries were large, and juicy, and the pistachios added a crunchy textural contrast.


There wasn’t a lot of the cream in the pastry; this dessert was stuffed with strawberries! The crust had a nice crumb to it as well. It was solid enough to contain the cream and berries without getting mushy, but easily cut with a fork.


Here’s a look at the ingredients. Pretty simple and not filled with things you can’t pronounce!


While I’m sure this won’t replace dessert for the fans of Zebra Domes, those who prefer fruity, light desserts should be happy to see this treat available! If you spot it on your next visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge, give it a try!


3 responses to “The Mara’s Strawberry Tart

  1. This looks good! I’ll have to remember to try it when we are in AK in September!

  2. I hope it sticks around and you remember to try it! I would love to have another on my next visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge!

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