Snacks from UK: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to The Tea Caddy at Epcot’s U.K. pavilion!

Today’s snack is “Terry’s Chocolate Orange.” Now this is one that probably looks familiar to you. You’ve probably seen them in the stores as sphere contained in a box. They also come in this smaller portion bar. I can’t recall ever having this before, despite being familiar with its packaging. As the name implies, the candy is made of milk chocolate and uses orange oil to attain its unique flavor combination.



Much like images I’ve seen of the spherical version, the chocolate pieces are cast to look like orange segments, complete with “rind” and dimpled “skin”. Unlike the sphere, these don’t break apart into wedges, so if you have OCD, this can be frustrating. 🙂



The orange oil was a nice pairing with the chocolate. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but it worked for me. The chocolate was fairly smooth as well. While sweet, it didn’t seem overpowering with the hint of orange.


While not something I would necessarily add to my shopping list, I’m glad I finally gave this a try (I remember always wanting to as a kid, interested in the way it looked in the boxed package). I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to pop another segment of this chocolate in the future.

If you’ve had Terry’s Chocolate Orange, let us know what you think of the combination!


11 responses to “Snacks from UK: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

  1. My husband, from Britain, loves the original Terry’s chocolate Orange. He is going to flip when he seas this. Have you ever had their Kit Kat Crunchy before? Those are the best!

  2. Its actually Kit Kat Chunky. HA! I think about chocolate and lose my mind.

  3. Terry’s chocolate oranges are the best! Half the fun of eating them is breaking the ‘orange slices’ apart in its sphere form. One of my favorite chocolate treats!

  4. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a firm favourite in the UK, and they have released different variations like white chocolate, dark chocolate, and popping candy! It’s funny to read reviews like this but I’m glad you liked it… I’m surprised our snacks can live up to American ones!

  5. Unforgettable – No, I haven’t had Kit Kat Chunky. They sound interesting, though!

    Megan – I’m sure the sphere is much more fun than the bar!

    Hannah – I’d love to try this in dark chocolate!

  6. I do like these, but they are available in the US. I remember going to EPCOT yeeeaars ago with my Mom, who was from Liverpool. They had a candy there called Dolly Mixtures, she was so excited because they were her favorite as a child. I would love to see more items there, like Dolly Mixture, that we cannot get here (Jelly babies are another good one!)

  7. Susan – Yes, they are available in the US and not just Epcot. They sell them in many retail stores (they have a large array of UK treats at Publix here in Central Florida). It would be great if Epcot sold more obscure candies!

  8. @Susan – I think jelly babies should be included for their Dr. Who associations alone!

  9. I had a few ‘slices’ of the round one of these the other day and all I could say was ‘I love chocolate orange’. One of my all time faves. (Am in the UK though so can get my sticky choc-covered paws on them anytime…yum)

  10. Awesome! While I’m not 100% on availability for me locally (I live next to WDW) of the round one outside of the holidays, I know I can get the bar at the supermarket next door. I also think I may have spotted this it at Target in their Uk foods section. Happy to see so much love for the confection!

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