Disney at Home: Yacht Club Galley’s Cobblestone Cheese Bread

Before the Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort was known by its current name, it was known as they Yacht Club Galley. The restaurant is located off the main lobby of the resort, tucked next to the Ale & Compass Lounge. I’ve only visited Captain’s Grille at breakfast, though Matt had been for lunch many years ago. While perusing the cookbook Chef Mickey: Treasures from the Vault & Delicious New Favorites, I saw this recipe and thought it would be fun to recreate a recipe I was never able to try.

captains-grille-decorInterior of Captain’s Grille

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-ingredientsYacht Club Galley’s Cobblestone Cheese Bread Ingredients

The recipe is a relatively simple bread recipe with several pantry staples (well, at least for those who bake on a regular basis ;)). I did have to make a few modifications, as I utilized a bread machine to make the dough and six mini-loaf pans instead of two 8.5″x4.5″.


Step 1 I followed, as cheese grates so much easier when its been chilled in the freezer. Because I was using my bread machine, I didn’t heat the water and milk over medium-low heat. I used approximately 20 second intervals with my microwave and added hot tap water to it. Once it got to around the right temperature, I added it to the bin of my bread machine. Don’t hesitate to use the stove top or a thermometer to get the right temperature if you’re not used to gauging water temps.

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-wet-ingredients Wet Ingredients with Yeast

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-dry-ingredientsDry Ingredients

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-mixing Mixing the Dough

After about 30 minutes of mixing on the dough cycle of my bread machine, I reset the cycle and allowed it to mix in the cheese for another 30 minutes. I needed to keep my eye on the bread machine and help the cheese along during this process. Also note, my bread machine can make a 1.5 lb loaf. I wouldn’t be able to let this rise on a full dough cycle, so you might want to cut this recipe in half if you plan on letting your bread machine do all the work unattended.

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-adding-cheese Addition of the Cheese

yacht-club-galley-cobblestone-cheese-bread-dough-mixedAll mixed and ready to be shaped!

The dough is a bit wet and sticky, but not completely unmanageable, even without the addition of extra flour.


I sprayed the pans with cooking spray to ensure and easy release after baking. I also left these well-insulated pans on the rimmed, insulated cookie sheet as they baked so I could easily insert, rotate and remove them from the oven.


After adding the remaining cheese, I left them to rest and rise for around 20 minutes instead of the hour in the instructions (they do receive a bit of heat from the bread machine in the mixing process).



They were then ready for the oven!



They rose a bit more in the oven, and some of the oil from the cheese dripped over the edges of the loaf pans, so I’m glad that pan was there to catch them.



Because of the double insulation between the loaf pans and the cookie sheet, the sides of the bread remained soft while the top browned. The bread was, however, cooked through, and they still took around 30 minutes at 350 degrees. There is a fair amount of fat content in this bread between the milk, butter and cheese, so the interior remained very moist.



The bread is dense, but soft, and filled with cheesy flavor.



Because it’s not already loaded with dairy, some butter on top finishes the bread. 🙂


The bread was delicious, and I can imagine I would have loved eating this at Yacht Club Galley! The bread also freezes well, so I have a few loaves tucked away to enjoy later. I also found that this bread makes AWESOME croutons! I’ve made them both toasted in butter on the stove top and baked in the oven, and they make a fantastic addition to soup or salad. We added these to a cheese-leek soup, but I imagine they would be fantastic in tomato soup!

If you’re looking for a a relatively easy bread recipe, I recommend giving this one a try. While I modified the instructions to use my bread machine, the instructions in the cookbook seem fairly easy with a seemingly low amount of hands-on time. If you decide to make some Disney magic at home, let us know how it goes!


3 responses to “Disney at Home: Yacht Club Galley’s Cobblestone Cheese Bread

  1. Aside from pizza crust, this is the bread recipe I make most often. It’s fantastic comfort food. The mini loaf pans are a great idea! I may have to try that next time.

  2. I found the mini loaf pans, even with the extra buffer from insulation of the cookie sheet, still cooked nicely, leaving the sides and bottom of the bread extra soft. It also so helped with portion size since we don’t typically eat a lot of bread at home. 🙂 Glad to hear you like the recipe as well!

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