Snacks from Japan: Koikeya Suppa Mucho Chips Ume

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to Mitsukoshi  at Epcot’s Japan pavilion!

While many of the items in my “Snacks from” series seem to be somewhat solid fixtures at their respective countries, I find Japan to have a fairly high turnover of some of the more interesting items. Sure, you’ll find Kasugai Gummies and Botan Rice Candy all the time, but even the Tomato Pretz I was able to pick up a few weeks ago has already gone the way of the dodo (only the large boxes of Apple remain!). That being said, I actually had a Snack from Germany for you today, but because of this quick turnover in Japan, we’re heading to Mitsukoshi today, because I found something really awesome, and I hope they still have this item on your next visit.


As a fan of savory snacks, potato chips always catch my eye. Japanese chips, in particular, are light and crispy like plain Lay’s, but seemingly less oily and with scores of more interesting flavors, often with a focus on seasonality. The color of these Koikeya Suppa Mucho Chips in Ume flavor immediately caught my eye, and the design also featured plum blossoms and umeboshi, the sour pickled plums I often enjoy in a particular plum wine.


choya-umeshu-plum-wine-ume-closeUmeboshi from Choya Umeshu Plum Wine



The aroma when I opened the bag was lightly vinegary with a subtle sweetness. The first bite of chip was similar to a mild salt and vinegar chip, but paired with a light, fruity sweet flavor of the tart plum. It was new to me, as chips I’m used to eating are more one note or rely on one extreme, lacking a balance.


Matt is relatively new to the world of Salt and Vinegar chips in general. It’s not a flavor he grew up with, whereas it was a relative staple in my house. He’s become a fan of them, so when he tried one of these Ume chips, he was immediately hooked. We both found these highly addictive.



I really hope these chips stick around Mitsukoshi for a while, because I will be buying another bag if I spot them. If not, I’ll have to seek them out online, which is proving to be difficult as many sites are low on inventory or sold out. Other people are on to this snack! Keep your eyes peeled, and grab a bag of these if you see them. Let us know what you think if you do!


5 responses to “Snacks from Japan: Koikeya Suppa Mucho Chips Ume

  1. Oh! Those sound wonderful. We’re hoping to make it over to Epcot on Saturday (I think) – I’ll grab a bag of these 🙂
    thank you

  2. I’ll probably head over at some point this weekend to pick some more up myself! I believe they were $3.50 for the relatively small bag, but such a delicious treat! I hope they’re still there and you get to try them too!

  3. I’ve never been a fan of umeboshi even though it is something so common in the pantries of Japanese families…. so I’m not sure I’ll be trying these but I’m sure my parents will love it!

  4. These were much more mild than straight up umeboshi – you might find them tolerable! 😉

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