Refreshment Port’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Since the time I first had Refreshment Port’s Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Poppers over a year and a half ago, I’ve been wanting to return to enjoy them again. I’ve mentioned them to Matt each time we walk by, but we usually have something else to eat on our agenda. Well, the time has passed for those little poppers, and now the option that supposedly packs some heat is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.


I decided to stop by and give it a try, and, by ordering the “entree only,” I saved $2 and the calories from the fries with which it’s normally served.


The sandwich comes topped with Swiss cheese and pickles, and despite the chicken actually being fairly hot, the Swiss didn’t melt in the couple minutes between receiving my order, walking to my bench and taking the picture. The sandwich also comes with a side of Ranch to help quell the heat from the chicken.

The chicken breast itself is a decent size, nicely fried and speckled with black pepper, not unlike the Fried Chicken Sandwich I had a few weeks ago at Tomorrowland Terrace (TT). In fact, I’m pretty darn sure it’s the same chicken. This chicken’s heat was primarily from the pepper, which I noted gave a kick in the TT version. That was about the same amount of heat I was getting here.


There’s certainly nothing wrong with the sandwich, but it just doesn’t live up to its “spicy” title. I wouldn’t mind ordering it again, personally, but with all the other options in World Showcase, I’d prefer to spend my money elsewhere.


The Ranch is probably the same property-wide, and has the same chemical sheen the drizzle on the TT version had. I certainly didn’t need it.


Click for larger:


This sandwich certainly does not hold the bar for heat like the Poppers of the past did. If you’re not into the offerings in World Showcase, or have a picky eater with you, or just want something quick and fried to hold you until your ADR, then Refreshment Port will suit your needs. For me, I likely hold out until something interesting makes its way back on the menu. Or they bring back the Poppers. 😉


6 responses to “Refreshment Port’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  1. I emailed the Ops Manager for this location and asked about the poppers a few months ago. She replied back the poppers were not a big seller for them, and they were replaced with standard nuggets. It’s a shame, because those poppers became one of my favorite snacks on property. Hopefully, another location will give them a shot in the future? One can hope…

  2. I love a good Disney french fry (or any french fry, if we’re being honest here), but it’s kinda ridiculous that they account for $2 worth of the purchase price. On the other hand – yay, discount! 🙂

    The cynical part of me wonders if they started offering healthier alternative sides to prevent people from obtaining said discount…

  3. Chris – Why can’t they make room for TWO nuggety chicken snacks?! 🙂

    Jenn – $2 is a lot for the fries, but consider a side of fries is around $2.49 anyway, and you get about the same amount. The fries cost a fraction of the packets of apple slices, carrots or grapes, I’m sure. Be sure to note that not all CMs are familiar with the ability to order the “entree only” and may need to call a manager over to find out how to do it. Sometimes the amount of time that can take doesn’t equate to the savings! 😉

  4. Thanks for this review. Most likely, I’d just eat the chicken, cheese and pickles and skip the bread. Too bad there isn’t hot sauce to put on it!
    I didn’t know about “entree only” … is this possible at other counter service places?

  5. I basically just ate the chicken, cheese and pickles myself after having a bite or two including some of everything. I think the spiciest condiments available were mustard and BBQ sauce on the condiment station.

    I believe most counter service locations offer the entree only option for items served with a side. Come times the CMs are unfamiliar and need to ask a manager, which might not be worth the time to save the $2. And I’m sure there are likely some places that don’t offer it. Best to just be prepared to pay full price, and if you happen to be able to get just the entree and the discount, then bonus! 🙂

  6. Ha, yes, good point! Clearly my cynicism is getting out of hand and I need an emergency dose of WDW. Is it December yet? 😀