Joy of Tea’s Green Tea Plum Slush

I’ve enjoyed stopping at Joy of Tea in Epcot’s China for a quick snack over the past several years, but I always seem to neglect ordering any of the frozen cocktails available. The other day in Epcot was incredibly hot, and the thought of a frozen beverage was calling my name! Fortunately, I happened to be walking by China at the time, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally give one a try.


Options for frozen drinks include the Mango Gingerita (with Vodka and Rum), the Canto Loopy (with Vodka and Cantelope Juice), the Peach Snap! (with Schnapps), and the Green Tea Plum Slush (with Plum Wine). Being a fan of both green tea and plum wine, I was naturally drawn to the Green Tea Plum Slush.


The cast member mentioned that the drink is a little bit sour, and if that was okay. Of course! Those of you who follow the blog know I’m not big on sweet items, so hearing that it would indeed be a bit sour made me happy. The slush is speckled by tiny bits of plum, but is completely smooth and icy. While there is some nice tartness to the drink, there is still plenty of sweetness that coincides with it, thanks to plum wine itself being a sweet and tart combination.


While I would have liked more tartness in the drink (it was a bit close to being too sweet for me, personally), I really enjoyed the Green Tea Plum Slush. The tartness that was present played off the sweetness well, not unlike when eating an actual plum. If you’re not a fan of tea or green tea, I didn’t really get much, if any, tea-like notes here. If you like plum wine, or are looking for a way to experience it without trying it straight, this is a nice intro. I can certainly see myself ordering this drink again!

Let us know if you ever stop for a frozen drink (alcoholic or non – they also serve n/a Strawberry Oolong Tea and Mango Green Tea Slushes!) from Joy of Tea, and which one is your favorite!


3 responses to “Joy of Tea’s Green Tea Plum Slush

  1. Is Tipsy Ducks in Love still happening? I find the coffee/tea combination intriguing…

  2. Yes, it is! It’s one of those drinks I haven’t tried as I’m not big on bourbon or chocolate, and Matt can’t stand coffee or tea. I need to steal a sip off of someone who likes all of those things! 🙂

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