Lunch at ESPN Club

As many of our regular readers know, we are pretty big sports fans here at Eating WDW. We often find ourselves taking a break from Epcot days to head over to ESPN Club at the BoardWalk to catch a couple innings of baseball or a quarter of football. While we typically kick back with a beer, on occasion we order food as well, like last winter when we tried their PB&J Burger. Our recent visit found us a bit hungry, so we decided to order lunch before heading home for the day.


Matt had been craving the ESPN Dingers, their version of boneless chicken wings. However, after reviewing the menu, he strayed and ordered the Chicago Meets Pittsburg (sp): Extreme Roast Beef Sandwich. Being a fan of roast beef sandwiches, this sounded right up his alley: Slow-roasted Top Round topped with Coleslaw and French Fries on a Kimmelweck Roll. The sandwich was also served with au jus and a side of pickled jalapenos and carrots.


Unfortunately, the sandwich fell short for him. The beef was dry even with the addition of the au jus. The coleslaw wasn’t slaw-like at all, and he said that it tasted like plain shredded cabbage. The fries did nothing to help with moisture as well. He made it through half the sandwich and packed the remainder to go, but realized shortly after that he wasn’t going to be finishing it. The remainder of the meal, he helped me with my fries.

I had contemplated their Cuban Burger, which would have been new to me and incorporated ingredients to one of my favorite sandwiches, but the Oktober”Feast” Burger sounded like such a monstrous burger, I had to try it. That and the fact that Matt was also intrigued by it, with the exception of the egg, he was also twisting my arm a bit.


This “German-inspired Burger” is topped with a Potato Pancake, Sausage Patty, Applewood-smoked Bacon, Sauerkraut, Beef-infused Mustard Sauce and a Fried Egg on a Toasted Butter Bun. Yikes. This burger is stacked high, arrives pre-cut down the middle, and is impossible to eat. There were clearly a lot of flavors going on, but nothing really was able to come together.


The mustard had a nice kick, and the egg was decently fried, and the potato pancake added some crunch (though it was really salty). The burger itself I had ordered medium-rare, and it did arrive with some pinkness, but otherwise it was pretty tasteless. The sausage patty was burnt and inedible.




After our approximate 30 minute wait for our food to arrive in a not-so-busy restaurant and to have it be so underwhelming was a disappointment. I find this lack of consistency to really be the case at ESPN Club. Some days the food come out pretty good considering the sports bar setting, and other times we should have just stuck to beer. The latter was one of those visits on this occasion, and enough to deter us from taking a chance on the menu again for a while.

Here’s a look at the menus (click for larger):





UPDATE! Craft beers are available too! Sorry it’s a little blurry, but a special “Thank you!” to Matt for snapping a pic when he realized we didn’t get this menu the other day!


2 responses to “Lunch at ESPN Club

  1. My parents are devastated that the hot dog is not on the menu anymore. DEVASTATED.

  2. It’s been off for a while. Everyone raved about it. I ordered it once, but I’m certainly not devastated its gone. 😉