Sweet Treats: Root Beer Float Cupcake

While I’m not all that into cupcakes, I do keep my eyes open to find interesting ones to review for you. We’ve found some surprising ones, as well as some standard varieties. This fun Root Beer Float Cupcake jumped out at me (so much I made a return visit to pick one up!) and can be found at Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary. It’s sign in the bakery display describes it as “Vanilla Cake infused with Root Beer Buttercream and topped with a Malted Milk Ball.” As you can see, there are several malted milk balls dotting the buttercream as well as a chocolate “straw” popping out the side!


Since I was grabbing the cupcake to go, I snapped a quick iPhone pic since I knew it would get a bit squished in its container, and who knows if it might go sliding off the seat on the drive home. It managed the trek relatively unscathed, though. 🙂


Apart from the decor of malted milk balls and chocolate straw, the bottom edges of the frosting are densely sprinkles with bits of chocolate.


Matt was happy to see the vanilla cupcake when I removed the wrapper. The cake itself was moist, so another win for it!


I’m typically not a fan of malted milk balls, probably because I can only recall having Whoppers, which I never cared for. These seemed to have a much more dense interior providing a deeper crunch and a seemingly richer flavor.


With many of the cupcakes we’ve had in the past, sometimes with a filling, all of the frosting was piled on top and decorated. That was not the case with this one. Instead, the interior of the cake was removed, filled with frosting, and the cake placed back on top, upside down to be finished with the frosting. Each bite was balanced between cake and frosting.


Speaking of frosting, it had a great root beer taste. Of course, the cupcake and frosting was sweet as far as cupcakes go, but it wasn’t cloying and actually quite pleasant. I liked how the herbiness of the root beer flavor helped to cut the sweetness. The only downside of this cupcake is that it had me craving an actual root beer afterwards. 😉

If you happen to be at the Contemporary, are a fan of root beer and looking for something sweet, definitely pick the Root Beer Float Cupcake up before it disappears. It’s a cupcake I’d actually consider getting again to share with Matt, so that’s saying something about it! If you give it try, let us know what you think of it!


8 responses to “Sweet Treats: Root Beer Float Cupcake

  1. Thanks for the review!! One more item that goes on my “to try” list! I love cupcakes and malt balls, so this sounds like a winner to me!

  2. This sounds good.
    Q: Have you tried the alcoholic root beer? Nick brought home a 4 pack of it, I tried one… the other 3 are still in the fridge… and I typically like root beer (this was very herbaceous, even though I like herbaceous cocktails)… it was just weird.

  3. This looks like the best cupcake I’ve ever seen at Disney. I usually think they’re woefully lacking, but vanilla and root beer? All that frosting and moist cake? Like you, I don’t love malt balls, but I too am probably framing that opinion on Whoppers alone. Even if I ended up picking them off, it still looks like a worthwhile cupcake.

  4. Ricardo – You’re welcome! I hope you get a chance to try it!
    Nora – I haven’t tried alcoholic root beer yet. Sounds… interesting. Is it really sweet as well?
    Melissa – This was certainly one of the best I’ve had at Disney. It was an interesting concept and well executed!

  5. This looks great! I am a strong advocate of a filled cupcake – they provide a more even distribution of cake and frosting! Cupcakes without filling should be formally abolished by federal law.

    I also share your views on Whoppers and am glad you still liked these!

  6. Icing and cake distribution was truly spot on with this one! 🙂

  7. Give it a try next time you swing by the Contemporary! They change up the more “seasonal” cupcakes often, so I hope it’s still there! 🙂