2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Brazil

This year’s Brazil kiosk at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival featured two new items we were very excited to try: Crispy Pork Belly and a Seared Scallop.


The Crispy Pork Belly is served with Black Beans, Onions, Avocado and Cilantro. The Seared Scallop comes with a Ragout of Tomatoes, Peppers and Hearts of Palm.


While we were both looking forward to the pork belly, it was definitely the dish Matt couldn’t wait to order. The portion of actual pork belly isn’t very large for the price, but its served with plenty of black beans and veggies that make the dish worth it.


The pork belly wasn’t as crisp as I would have preferred, but the fat was rendered well and melted away. There was a light smokiness from some of the char, but the pork flavor really came through. The black beans were a bit on the underdone side, but had a good flavor that kept us eating them.


The tomatoes and avocado were a nice touch, although the tomatoes themselves were a bit under ripe. The avocado retained some firmness, and since Matt isn’t the biggest fan of avocado, he was happy to leave plenty of it for me. 🙂


The seared scallop is serve on a bed of white rice, which was a bit on the sticky side. I was really pleased by the ragout served alongside and loved the brininess green olives throughout. While the ragout could have overpowered the delicate scallop, I didn’t find that to be the case here.



The scallop itself was cooked nicely and was very tender. I could easily return to this dish, as where wasn’t much left of it besides a bit of plain white rice by the time we were finished.


The two new options at Brazil impressed us both. I’d recommend ordering either of the two dishes to try (or be like us an get one of each!). These dishes were the first we ordered at the Festival, and it was a great way to start and lift our expectations for what was to come. If you’ve tried either of the dishes yet, let us know which one is your favorite, or which one you’re looking forward to trying!


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