2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Ireland

Ireland usually draws incredibly long lines during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, and with good reason. They have a solid menu and, from what I’ve found, relatively consistent execution from year to year.



On the way out of the park one evening, the line was low so Matt decided to order the Warm Chocolate Pudding with Bailey’s Custard. The dessert is all of two bites, which I happily obliged Matt to enjoy. I wonder if he even tasted it, but it had just started to rain a few minutes prior so we were on the move. It seemed to be that sweet bite he was looking for, so I’ll just assume it was good! đŸ˜‰


I’ll be honest in saying we haven’t ordered the Lobster and Seafood Fisherman’s Pie since 2011, when it was still the Lobster and Scallop Fisherman’s Pie. The prior dish was always a good “sharing” one for us, as Matt would let me pick out all the lobster and he would enjoy most of the scallops. Plus we loved the sauce and potatoes! Maybe we will try it with the “seafood” one of these days, but it hasn’t struck us yet. I’ve made the Lobster and Scallop version at home before, so perhaps I’ll do that again and reminisce!


Another dish we haven’t ordered in a while is the Kerrygold Cheese Selection. While we always enjoy the cheese, the brown bread tends to go to waste. This year, however, is served with a different bread, so it’s definitely a possibility for later in the festival, and we’ll be sure to update this page with anything else we might try!

2010 Kerrygold Cheese Selection

Have a favorite item from Ireland? Let us know in the comments!


We stopped into Ireland for the Kerrygold Cheese Selection. The cheesed served are Reserve Cheddar, Dubliner with Irish Stout, Skellig. The bread was indeed different from years past, and I liked it, but there was a LOT of excess flour sticking to the bread. The cheeses themselves were good, but there wasn’t much to distinguish them from one another. One was a bit on the crumbly side, one was salty. Don’t get me wrong – we still liked them, but we prefer the Artisan Cheese Trio from Cheese. I can’t say either of us really cared for the chutney. The bite I took had a sour note that I didn’t care for.





5 responses to “2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Ireland

  1. Ah ha! You just made me realize why the dish wasn’t as good this year as it was in 2011. I remember thinking it was excellent in 2011, and while it was still good last week, something was missing. It was definitely the scallops. My, how I love scallops. It’s still a very good dish, though.

  2. Also, did I read correctly that you’ve made the lobster and scallop pie before? Could you point me in that direction please because I’d love to make it at home!

  3. Matt mentioned he was going to order the Fisherman’s Pie Monday, and then I reminded him that it no longer had the scallops and now uses a whitefish (I believe). I’ll go through my old F&W cookbooks for the recipe and email it to you!

  4. I am looking for the recipe for Warm Chocolate Pudding with Baileys We tried this during the Wine and Dine weekend. Loved it! I want to serve this on Christmas Eve if I can get a recipe in time. Thank you for you help and I really enjoyed this blog and the pic! Thanks!

  5. Let me take a look at my Food and Wine Fest cookbooks. I’ll gladly send it to you if I have it! đŸ™‚

    UPDATE: The 2013 cookbook doesn’t have the recipe for the updated dessert, but 2012’s has Ireland’s Chocolate Lava Cake with Baileys Ganache, its predecessor (click for full size). Hope this helps!