Snacks from UK: Mars Bar

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to The Tea Caddy at Epcot’s U.K. pavilion!


The Mar’s Bar is the U.K.’s answer to America’s Milky Way, combining nougat and caramel and draping it in milk chocolate. Out of the package, it looks very familiar, like most other chocolate bars on the market.




There was a lot of gooey caramel to the Mars Bar in a nice ratio to the nougat. While I’m typically not big on sweets or chocolate, I found myself sneaking bites of this here and there.



Without a side-by-side comparison, I can’t really say if the Mars Bar was any better than an American Milky Way, but based on past experience with U.K. chocolate, it’s typically a better quality, with more of a creamy consistency and less oiliness. This is more along the lines of something Matt would opt for, as I would prefer peanuts in it like a Snickers. Still, if you want to steer clear of a candy bar with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, then the Mars Bar fits the bill.

Do you enjoy the Mars Bar? Let us know in the comments!


7 responses to “Snacks from UK: Mars Bar

  1. What, you didn’t get the fried version from Cooks? 😉

  2. Ugh, I think my body would completely reject that! lol 🙂

  3. I’m with you, Sarah. I’d rather have Snickers or something with peanuts in it. Just to break up the gooey texture and give you something that isn’t pure sugar.

  4. And at least feel like you’re being somewhat healthier…

  5. Yeah…healthy…that’s the ticket…

  6. For some reason I always find that the small ‘fun’ sized bars here in the UK, (who decided that’s how big fun is???) are more tasty than the regular ones. But for the big ones – put them in the fridge then cut them into slices when they are completely cold… yummy! 🙂 (makes them last longer too)

  7. Since we don’t eat much chocolate, we typically keep it in the fridge in a zip-top bag for a random piece here and there. I also like frozen marshmallow Peeps. 🙂