A Quick Look at New Brown Derby Lounge

The Brown Derby recently opened it’s new outdoor “Lounge” last week at Hollywood Studios, and I had stopped by with the intention of checking it out and ordering some food. Unfortunately, time constraints forced me to skip the experience that day as they didn’t open until noon (the restaurant opens at 11:30, which is when I stopped by after spending the morning killing time in the park).


I heard from some friends on Twitter who stopped by shortly after I left the park that the service was taking some time, which was fine for them as they were in no rush, but I had a few other tasks to accomplish.


Here’s a look at the new lounge menus, and click for larger versions.




And of course, you can also order from the regular menu should you want something more substantial than tapas:



Interested in some food pics? Be sure to check out these tweets from @hintofspy to see the delicious food she ordered! You should definitely follow her, too. She’s always posting fantastic WDW photos, including ones of her dining experiences around property! I can’t wait to go visit with Matt in the near future – I HAVE to order those sliders!

Will you be stopping by the Brown Derby Lounge on your next visit to Hollywood Studios? Which new menu items do you want to order?


2 responses to “A Quick Look at New Brown Derby Lounge

  1. Alan (NORMNB8S)

    Those sliders look and sound amazing. I hope to check this place out on a future trip!

  2. I definitely want to try them too!