Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Truffle

These Disney Parks chocolate boxes aren’t exactly new, but they’re one of the treats that I usually skip over, especially since I’m usually grabbing chocolate from the Tea Caddy in the UK at Epcot for reviews on the blog. Plus, at $5.95 a box, they’re pretty pricey for the amount of chocolate you receive. There are six varieties of chocolate, but the one I picked was both based on box design and the incorporation of dark chocolate, which equates to more of a chance I will eat the box in time, thanks to the possibility of a less sweet candy. šŸ™‚

disney-parks-sorcerer-mickey-milk-chocolate-hot-fudge-truffleSorcerer Mickey features Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Truffles

disney-parks-monsters-inc-milk-chocolate-peanut-butterMonsters Inc. features Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

disney-parks-cheshire-cat-milk-chocolate-mint-meltawaysCheshire Cat features Milk Chocolate Mint Meltaways

disney-parks-beauty-and-the-beast-milk-chocolate-raspberry-roseBeauty and the Beast features Milk Chocolate Raspberry Roses

disney-parks-seven-dwarfs-milk-chocolate-caramelThe Seven Dwarfs feature Milk Chocolate Caramel

disney-parks-haunted-mansion-dark-chocolate-hot-fudge-truffle-boxHaunted Mansion Madame Leota Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Truffle

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With the exception of the Beauty and the Beast roses (you can see them to the left of the boxes’ photo), the chocolate will be square and stamped with Mickey Mouse. Upon first look, the chocolate didn’t appear to be very dark for dark chocolate.



Once I bit into one of the candies, the dark chocolate flavor was slightly there, but it didn’t quite have as much of the bitterness I was hoping for. It had some dark chocolate notes and lacked a bit of the sweetness you find in milk chocolate, but not by much. Still, I believe I would like these better than if I was to do a side-by-side with the milk chocolate (Sorcerer Mickey) version. The ganache filling was creamy, but also may have been adding some sweetness to the dark chocolate overall, taking away some of the bitterness I like.


Overall, these were fine. I personally wouldn’t by them for myself again, although I would be willing to try some of the other flavors. I picked these up from Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney, but they can be found in shops in the parks and resorts as well. If you’re a fan of chocolate and don’t mind the somewhat steep price, you might find them worth it, if not to enjoy while on your trip, at least to take home for a souvenir. šŸ˜‰

If you’ve tried any of these Disney Parks chocolates, let us know what you think of them. Do you have a favorite or see a flavor you want to try?


8 responses to “Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Truffle

  1. I dunno. I mean, I’m definitely a chocolate fan, but if I’m at WDW and I’m getting dessert, there are so many AMAZING, unique things I could use my calories on, why would I get a chocolate bar that’s little different from a chocolate bar I could get anywhere else on earth?

    That said, the packaging would probably go over well with a souvenir recipient who had to stay home, so a place for everything, I suppose!

  2. Exactly – Especially if I’m in one of the candy shops; they have the freshly made options! But then again, I review these things so readers can decide if they’re worth spending their own money on. You’re welcome! šŸ˜‰

  3. They can box them up and make them fancy, but give me a good ol’ Mickey Mint Bar any day of the week! Yummy!

  4. That’s a candy I’ve been meaning to review on here! I love mint!

  5. I would buy these on my last day for my plane snack.

  6. You could certainly make some plane-mates jealous that way!

  7. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but we did pick up a box of these and the Monsters Inc. peanut butter chocolates before we left town. I haven’t tried either yet. Your comments are about what I expected, though. I’ve never thought that desserts and confections were Disney’s strong suit.

  8. Mine are still sitting in the fridge. šŸ™‚