Superstar Catering Food Truck

This past weekend’s Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney saw the debut of the Superstar Catering Food Truck, which we spotted last week hanging out in the parking lot.


The menu features a small array of meatballs, including turkey, lamb, and beef.


The truck also sells soda, beer and wine.


Anticipating the other three trucks to be out (and hence, more food tasting), Matt and I ordered the Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich to share. Unfortunately, this was the only truck out.


Three fairly large meatballs came topped with dill-heavy Tzatziki (I also was tasting mint) and Vegetable Relish, the latter also known as diced cucumber, tomato and red onion. Some Arugula-Fennel salad was also thrown into the mix.


Eating this as a sandwich was difficult, so we relied on forks and knives to tackle the meatballs. The lamb was cut with a fair amount of rice, but it didn’t detract from the lamb flavor. The one aspect that stood out to us the most was the spicy heat level. While we both love some heat in our food, it possibly could be a bit much for some guests.


Our friend ordered the Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs and said they also had some heat. They were enjoyable though, and with the polenta they were served upon, it made for a filling dish. We also heard from Melissa and Danny from Hyperion Papers that they tried the Spinach and Feta Beef Meatball Sandwich and it too had heat.




For the price, the portion size was on par with “local” trucks; perhaps a dollar or two more for a comparable dish. The quality was there, and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Superstar Catering again (which is more than what I can say for some “real” trucks I’ve visited). I’m looking forward to the other trucks making their debut.

On a side note, the truck could use some tables to stand at, like those that are put out for Food & Wine. We had to resort to a trash can to rest our dishes so we could eat them. Even some of the trucks around Orlando put out a couple ironing boards for their guests, so Disney’s calculated effort to join the trend would benefit from such a thing.

Have you stopped by Superstar Catering? What did you order, and what did you think?


4 responses to “Superstar Catering Food Truck

  1. Sounds great! We’ll have to give it a try (thanks for the info re: no stand up tables – guess we can just scavenge a place at House of Blues patio (since we’re likely to go over there when it’s slow))… Glad to hear about the spiciness.

  2. Yeah, we totally slummed it! 😉 Really pleased that Disney is actually adding some heat to dishes lately, and utilizing it well. HoB patio would be a great option considering it the truck was nearby, plus you can order a drink so you’re not stuck with Bud Light or Heine. We’ll see where the trucks end up roaming in the near future, though. 🙂

  3. No veggie option? Consider me stunned. :/

  4. Hold the actual meatball? 😉 Yeah, I’m wondering if the other trucks will have a vegetarian option, perhaps treating the four trucks as a “collective” restaurant. I’m sure they have to scale the menu down quite a bit for the sake of efficiency. Knowing how “real” food truck lines can get around here, especially when they have large menus, the waits can get insane. I doubt guests would put up with that as a Disney experience.