Contempo Cafe’s Marinated Beef Flatbread

A recent monorail tour brought me back to the Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary Resort. It’s a location with which I am familiar, despite typically making my way to The Wave when I visit. An item I’ve enjoyed in the past, but not reviewed on the blog, is the Marinated Beef Flatbread. The flat is topped with Goat Cheese Spread, Oven-roasted Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, and Arugula.


It certainly has been a few years since I’ve enjoyed this, as I recall Matt having picked it up to bring over to the Outer Rim, since they do not serve any food. I seem to remember the marinated beef having a bit of spice back then as well. It didn’t have much flavor apart from black pepper, so I’m not sure what the beef is marinated in, and some of the pieces were on the tough side. I think a thin slice as opposed to chunks of beef would compliment the dish more. Regardless, the serving of beef was plentiful.


A nice touch is that the arugula, and possibly the entire assembled flat, is sprinkled with salt.


The amount of goat cheese spread on the flat is light, but its flavor is quite prominent. The caramelized onions are very sweet, leading me to believe they are doctored with sugar to speed up the process. The tomatoes were very thin and added another touch of sweetness to the flat, but otherwise were a welcomed element in diversifying the flavors.


The toppings are heavy for the nearly transparent, light bread, so be prepared with a fork and knife to pick up the stray pieces that fall away.


Overall, I really like this flatbread. Are there better on property? Yes; even just downstairs at The Wave. But for a quick, no-fuss and satisfying meal at the Contemporary, this menu staple is worth the look. I’d have no reservations on ordering it again.

Let us know if you’ve tried this or any of the other flatbreads at Contempo Cafe. Am I missing out on another variety?


4 responses to “Contempo Cafe’s Marinated Beef Flatbread

  1. Alan (@NORMNB8S)

    I’ll be honest that at first glance, it doesn’t look that appealing to me, but I trust your judgment. If you like it, I’d be willing to give it a try. Nice review.

  2. It definitely has a much better flavor than you’d think at first glance! 🙂

  3. No longer available there – very disappointing!

  4. That stinks! I had it over the summer, too. It seemed to be a popular one that has been around for some time. I wish it would have stayed!