Desserts at Mizner’s Lounge

On a recent holiday tour of the monorail resorts, our final stop was at Mizner’s Lounge at the Grand Floridian. Our friend that joined us earlier that evening at California Grill has a sweet tooth, so he was pleased to find a small assortment of desserts available. To keep things “healthy,” he ordered the Tropical Fruit Crème Brûlée with Mango and Assorted Berries. Hey, it’s got fruit, right? 😉


The Crème Brûlée was slightly fruity and very smooth, with a perfectly caramelized crust. The dessert is topped with whipped cream and chocolate, and served alongside is a chocolate dipped biscotti. Our friend was hoping the berries would be in more of a prepared state, like they are in a cobbler, but he ate a few and left the rest for me.


Matt ordered the Warm Chocolate-Banana Torte with Handcrafted Belgium Couverture Chocolate Crown. The torte was quite rich, topped with chocolate sauce and caramelized bananas. The vanilla ice cream served along side helped to cut the richness. The chocolate crown was enjoyable for me, with more of a bitterness to it than sweet. One bite of the torte was enough for me, but Matt had no problem picking up my slack (he’s so good at that!). Plus, bananas cut all the decadence of the rest of this dessert. 😉




What did I order for dessert? A Miller Lite. Oh, and I ate a few of the mixed nuts guests are served when relaxing in the lounge. I was satiated with a taste of what the boys ordered. 🙂 If you’re visiting the Grand Floridian in the evening, stop by Mizner’s Lounge, especially if you’ve never been. There’s a band (the Grand Floridian Lobby Society Orchestra) just outside the entrance that performs, and the overall experience transports you to a different, relaxing time that you’ll certainly appreciate after a hectic day on property.


3 responses to “Desserts at Mizner’s Lounge

  1. Alan (NORMNB8S)

    That chocolate torte looks great. I know those have sort of become standard WDW dessert options, but occasionally, they’re quite tasty.

  2. We virtually never look at dessert menus, so having our friend along with us sort of forced us to! 🙂 I think the only time we look at desserts is when we’re on a Disney Cruise since I want to cover as much of the food on the blog as possible.

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