Snacks from Japan: Seika Bontan Ame

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to Mitsukoshi at Epcot’s Japan pavilion!

I love Japanese rice candy. I often will pick up a pack of Botan Ame when shopping at Mitsukoshi (and let me tell you, that happens a LOT!). While I’ve always gone after the “classic” orange and green box (with free sticker inside!), I realized that I’d never picked up a pack of the twice-the-price box of Bontan Ame commingling in the bin with the version I grew up enjoying.

seika-bontan-ame seika-bontan-ame-2




Apart from the more “grown-up” packaging, the individual pieces of candy are not individually wrapped in plastic. Each is simply tucked into its edible paper wrapper. Also, the color isn’t the neon orange of the “kids” version, which it uses red dye to attain.


The citrus flavor is also more pronounced, whereas the other version is heavy on sugars, creating a sweeter candy. These are definitely more refined in flavor.


Yes, you can eat that wrapper! Apart from having a great flavor, they seemed much softer than their kids counterpart, despite not being individually wrapped in plastic. I’m sure this has everything to do with the ingredients used.


Are the Seika Bontan Ame worth double the price of that bright orange box? Absolutely! The citrus flavor is much more vibrant, the texture is better, and even though I do like the sticker in the kids pack, I prefer the overall quality here. Will I still buy the other pack for myself? Sure, for nostalgia (and the sticker!), but if I’m interested in actually enjoying some rice candy, I’ll be picking this up again. 🙂


2 responses to “Snacks from Japan: Seika Bontan Ame

  1. I LOVE these!! And yeah, don’t try peeling off the “wrapper”. Missing Mitsukoshi shopping this year. 😦

  2. I remember the very first time I had this candy, and it was at a friend’s house whose mom was Japanese. When I “discovered” them at Epcot, I was in heaven!