Kusafiri’s Hot Breakfast Wrap

Yesterday we brought you an update on most of the counter service menus in Animal Kingdom. We noted several changes, including some at Kusafiri, located in the Harambe section of Animal Kingdom.


I’ve always skipped over Kusafiri at breakfast because it serves only pastries, and, apart from not being interested in sweets, I just can’t have sugar first thing in the morning. Sure, I could have a croissant, but that’s kind of boring. I’d rather stop at Pizzafari for a more substantial breakfast.


Fortunately, for guests like me, they’ve added a hot Breakfast Wrap to the menu, filled with Egg, Sausage, Spinach and Goat Cheese.



The wrap had some heft to it, and was warmed throughout. The tortilla was very soft and “fresh” tasting.


I took a bite and was very happy to see big leaves of fresh spinach. Definitely thumbs up! The sausage was not what I was expecting, and tasted like kielbasa. I was anticipating ground sausage, and felt these chunks didn’t seem to fit flavor or texture-wise within the wrap. Still, it wasn’t bad.


After the initial bite, I opened up the wrap to finish eating the filling with a fork and knife (current low-carb diet). There was a lot of goat cheese, and the flavor was prominent. The spinach retained the slightest bit of crunch. The eggs, despite my recent aversion, were even good. I had no problem finishing the contents of the wrap.


While I’m not sure if these are assembled to order (usually a few prepared ones are kept “on deck” for efficiency), I would imagine this could easily be made vegetarian by asking the cast member when ordering. In fact, next time I stop by Kusafiri for breakfast, I’ll definitely be doing that. I’ve had a few breakfast wraps/burritos on property (Pepper Market, Riverside Mill, Contempo Cafe, The Artist’s Palette), and this is my favorite thus far.

Here’s a look at the menu:




Where do you stop for breakfast at Animal Kingdom? Do you think Kusafiri’s Hot Breakfast Wrap is in your future?


9 responses to “Kusafiri’s Hot Breakfast Wrap

  1. omg a demitasse with chocolate mousse?! I know you don’t gravitate to sweets but can I cajole you into reviewing it for us? Droooollllll

  2. Well, I can tell you that the demitasse looks like the Mickey in this picture:

    and the mousse is likely the same one found at the other counter service restaurants in the park, alongside “Cheesecake in a Glass” (Restaurantosaurus, Pizzafari) or “Key Lime Mousse” (Flame Tree Barbecue), which is probably similar to the one found at ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios. Maybe one day I’ll actually review those overpriced thimbles of subpar desserts (though Commissary’s surprised us)! 😉

  3. Ooohhhh okay I’ll take this comment as a mini review 🙂

  4. Pretty much. You’re not really getting anything new or unique, and those desserts have been on the menus for some time and don’t seem to be going anywhere! 🙂

  5. Ooh, hey, do you know if they serve this all day? I can see it making a great lunch, too. Actually, I think Disney in general needs to start serving more brinner!

  6. It would mak ea great lunch, but I’m not sure if they serve it past breakfast hours. They do have another pastry menu, and I’m sure there would be heck to pay if they stopped serving their standard baked goods of Brownie Paws and cupcakes!

  7. I’m hoping they are able to make the wrap to order so I can have it at breakfast next trip. The idea of Spinach, feta and eggs sounds awesome, specially when coupled with their hot chocolate!

  8. I can’t do sugar for breakfast either. It’s just a no win. Glad to see this burrito though! Looks yummy!

  9. I was surprised by it. A lot of good protein, and I was fine with the eggs. The spinach and goat cheese really took the cake, though! I’ll certainly be heading to Kusafiri when I need breakfast at AK (as long as it sticks around!).