BoardWalk Inn’s 2013 Sweet Treats Gingerbread House

When I found out a while back that my beloved Donald Duck Gingerbread Display at the BoardWalk Inn was no more, I was bummed out. I mean, I still loved it even with a heavy emphasis on Stitch in 2011 (and prior alongside Daisy). Donald is my favorite character, and even though the display only featured his little duck-butt sticking out of the bottom of the chimney, it was such an “Only you, Donald!” predicament. Anyway, this is what we have this year.


Now don’t get me wrong; I’m glad there’s something there, and it does indeed fit with the theme of the resort. It definitely feels like one of the concession stands that lines a boardwalk. It just feels so… unholidaylike and plain. It’s missing some of the Disney magic, at least to me.

boardwalk-sweet-treats-gingerbread-house-2013-infoClick for larger

boardwalk-sweet-treats-gingerbread-house-2013-sign-backMickeys on the back of the sign

Free samples of gingerbread were being handed out. Matt said it was pretty good.


Now the new display does have some nice touches to stick with the BoardWalk theme. For example, I absolutely love the use of green saltwater taffy as wreaths and garland.



While the treats available for purchase are pretty standard to what you’ll find at these displays property-wide, I did think the cotton candy-shaped gingerbread cookie was a nice touch. Other than that, its the fairly standard gingerbread house (or kit), shingle cookie, plain gingerbread cookie, or Stollen, the last of which I believe may be unique to the BoardWalk (a similarly packaged fruitcake can be found at Beach Club, but more on that to come).






While I definitely miss the whimsical Disney fireplace display, I am grateful they didn’t do away with the gingerbread decor altogether. There are still Hidden Mickeys to look for, though only 3. I really hope they bring back the fireplace in future years, but only time will tell on that wish. Until that happens, they’re going to have to really take this display to the next level for me to get excited for it.

What do you think about the new BoardWalk display? Would you prefer the previous incarnation as I do?


6 responses to “BoardWalk Inn’s 2013 Sweet Treats Gingerbread House

  1. Hmmm. Wish the GF house had been handing out samples. I always enjoy seeing what the houses offer, but for the most part they look like… gingerbread. Which I can make myself and make my apartment smell like cloves. Is the Disney version particularly awesome, though? Am I missing out?

  2. We have a Holidays Around the World Gingerbread Man on an upcoming review, and I will say that Matt found the sample he tried at Sweet Treats MUCH more flavorful. However, I can’t imagine it’s any better than one’s favorite gingerbread recipe they might make at home and enjoy fresh from the oven. 🙂

  3. I looked at it and had to stop for a second–is that mostly wooden stand or ginger bread? It’s cute, it fits, and legit looks like something that should be outside on the boardwalk, but I agree with you–the donald duck tribute was more festive and fun.

  4. It appears that it’s mostly wood with gingerbread shingles, so not even as crazy gingerbread-y as any of the other displays. 😦

  5. at thanksgiving I was so distracted by the fabulous smells coming room that house- I almost hugged it during check in!

  6. The holiday smells are a nice bonus, right? 🙂