Earl of Sandwich’s Best BLT

We’re continuing our 2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge that Nora & Nick of Extra WDW Magic thought up (#2013eateachsandwich)! Today, we’re having the Best BLT.

Well, our 2013 Eat Each Sandwich Challenge is officially coming to an end! For my last sandwich, I chose one of my favorites, the Best BLT.


The Best BLT is straightforward: Bacon, lettuce, tomato and seasoned mayonnaise, served on Earl of Sandwich’s famous toasted bread. Whether served during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, EoS’s BLTs are a great option to enjoy.


The Best BLT comes nicely stuffed with their addictive bacon, and the tomato and lettuce helps to curb some of the saltiness of the bacon. While the similar Limited Time Avocado BLT was a nice change of pace, I do love this classic combination.


While it doesn’t seem like much, the sandwich doesn’t need to be fancy to be satisfying. Sometimes the simplicity is all you need, and I definitely crave this sandwich often when I’m visiting EoS.


The Challenge was fun, but I’m looking forward to having the ability to order my favorites on future visits (without the guilt of not working on the Challenge, that is!). I’m also looking forward to what new Limited Time sandwiches they’ll have in store for us, and I’ll certainly be reviewing them on here! Until then, here’s my COMPLETED list from the past year. 😀

Challenge Checklist

Limited Time Only: Holiday Ham
Limited Time Only: Avocado BLT
Limited Time Only: Pastrami Reuben
Limited Time Only: BBQ Pork Sandwich
Limited Time Only: Cuban Sandwich
Limited Time Only: Chicken Pesto Pomodoro

The Original 1762
The Earl’s Club
All American
The Full Montagu
Tuna Melt
Chipotle Chicken Avocado (former Limited Time Only offering)*
Hawaiian BBQ
Ham ‘n’ Swiss
Holiday Turkey (former Limited Time Only offering)*
Caribbean Jerk Chicken
Best BLT*
Any other “Limited Time Only” offerings throughout the year*


Egg ‘N’ Cheddar
Bacon, Egg ‘N’ Cheddar*
Ham, Egg ‘N’ Cheddar
Ham ‘N’ Swiss
Breakfast BLT*


Pizza Sandwich
Grilled Cheese
Turkey ‘N’ Swiss

*Past Reviews

Limited Time Only: Chipotle Chicken Avocado
Limited Time Only: Holiday Turkey
Limited Time Only: French Dip
Best BLT
Breakfast Bacon, Egg ‘n’ Cheddar
Breakfast BLT


8 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Best BLT

  1. Is the bacon a “thick cut” version? That makes the best BLT’s in my opinion.

  2. It’s not thick cut by what would likely be our standards, but it’s not the skinny buffet stuff you find on property. It has a bit more heft and they usually cook it enough that it gets a nice crispness to it. 🙂

  3. Congrats on this big accomplishment! You’re a legend in the Disney food blogging community! 😉

  4. Ha! Thanks Andrew! I’m glad to be done, especially with the parking situation over there! :-/

  5. Excellent! The real question I have is this; is it worth skipping the holiday turkey to get a BLT?

  6. They’re two different breeds. I love a good BLT and will often order one if I spot one on a menu, whereas the Holiday Turkey, while delicious in its own way, is something I would only get a couple times a year since I’m not big on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I wouldn’t mind eating the HT in lieu of the actual meal, or on a cool day where the warmth and heartiness would be comforting. On the flip side, I could see the argument of “a BLT is a BLT. What’s so special?” You could always get the small breakfast sized (or I don’t see they couldn’t make it as a “Just 4 Kids” during the rest of the day) to give it a try and get your normal grown-up HT!

  7. Omg yay!!! congratulations! I am still working on mine (slowly since I moved a bit farther away from the NYC EoS). Can’t wait to catch up though!

  8. Keep up the good work! It’s definitely impressive for anyone that makes it through the list, especially if it’s a bit more of a trek to get through. Good luck! 🙂