Dinner at Backlot Express

On a recent trip to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, there was some time before they would be turned and my group was getting hungry. The Brown Derby Lounge was full (as was every table service option), so we decided that our best bet would be the Backlot Express. The menu is simple and we knew that everyone would be able to find something, even with some specific diets (no allergies, though).


While we’re not particularly fans of the Disney burgers, Matt and I each ordered one. Matt  went with the simple 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger. I’m really glad that they nixed those dry wheat buns like we had on our last visit!


The cheese is placed on the bottom bun, underneath the burger patty. This typically isn’t an issue, but I’ll address this in a minute with my burger.


The patty itself fortunately wasn’t dried out, but the bacon was a bit lacking on his burger. The addition of mustard helped to make the overall burger a bit less boring as he didn’t add the lettuce and tomato to his sandwich. The fries (for all of our orders that received them) were fairly fresh from the fryer, which we were thankful for. The restaurant was busy, so I’m sure they were cranking them out at a pretty good pace.


My mom, who has been on a very strict no carb and no sugar diet for the past few months ordered the Southwest Salad with Chicken. The salad is made up of mixed greens, crisp corn tortilla, black bean relish, avocado, and cilantro vinaigrette. While she didn’t ask for an ingredient list, there may or may not have been some sugar in the dressing, but since it’s not an allergy, she let it slide. Fortunately, there wasn’t much tossed into the salad, and what little was there had hardly any flavor.


The mixed greens were primarily iceberg lettuce, and she picked around the tortilla strips and (sparse) black beans. The avocado was also pretty sparse, and she had to hunt for the chicken. I felt bad. If I had known this salad was going to be so bland for her, I would have suggested that we go to Pizza Planet for the  Antipasto Salad.


My aunt ordered the Chicken Breast Nuggets. You can see our review of them here (they’re a property standard, but the batch I ordered was in fact from Backlot Express).


At the time of the visit, I had already started my low carb diet. I ordered the 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with Onion Straws and Horseradish Sauce and fries (I could have gotten carrot sticks, but figured others might want to pick at the fries).


While it’s the same patty, my burger seemed to have a bit less gray color to it compared to Matt’s. He would have ordered this burger if not for the horseradish sauce, as he’s not a fan. But I’m wondering if it’s the same as the “House Sauce” that used to come on this burger.


I took a couple bites with the bun to get an idea for the overall burger, and it was decent (for a Disney burger). I did find the sauce to be a bit heavy handed on salt, though. It also had a virtually non-existent horseradish flavor.


The onion straws were better than the ones we’ve had before at Backlot Express, and they were also plentiful. I put a few onto Matt’s plate since he too would have ordered this burger if not for the sauce (and he didn’t want to risk a special order asking them to hold the sauce). Now here’s where I wished the cheese had been on the burger patty as opposed to the bread; it had melted a lot into the bun, so I wasn’t able to salvage much cheese when I stopped eating the bread.


Apart from lettuce and tomato like Matt’s burger, mine also came with pickle slices. Even without the bun (though there were some carbs thanks to the onion straws and the few fries I ate,), I felt satiated after the meal.


Backlot Express was always a favorite of mine when I’d visit WDW in my youth, and while my tastes have certainly changed, I still enjoy stopping in. It’s a quick, simple, no-fuss meal, and the nostalgia of looking around the restaurant always hits the spot.

Backlot Express menus (click for larger):





8 responses to “Dinner at Backlot Express

  1. I hear really good things about the buffalo chicken here. Have you had it before and if so, was it recent? Any thoughts?

  2. I have had them – You can see the review here: Buffalo Chicken Breast Nuggets & Chili Dog. It was a little over a year ago, but judging on the current menu pic, they appear to be the same as the ones from that visit. They seem to be a different nugget than the plain ones, as well. They’re fine if you’re looking for a little bit of low Tabasco-level heat.

  3. I loved the buffalo nuggets, it was one of my favorite counter service meals. I am already planning on getting them again on my next trip.

  4. I will say that Backlot is one of the most consistently good quick services in the Studios. Glad you liked the Buffalo Nuggets! Have fun on your next trip! 😀

  5. When I was in town last I checked out this menu and felt so… unfulfilled. We ended up going somewhere else… I just, I don’t know. I wish there was more variety or care placed in that menu even a little bit. It’s so standard and I would rather try something a little bit different. Maybe the nuggets would have worked? I don’t remember seeing those. Thanks for the in depth look, as always!

  6. I thought I had read a buffalo nugget review here before but couldn’t remember how recent that review was. Our last two DHS meals were both at Min & Bill’s. Maybe we’ll try backlot in the future.

  7. If it’s been a while, Backlot is worth a look. Both it and Min’s have some great fast and simple sustenance options. 🙂

  8. Estelle – There’s definitely nostalgia for me going to Backlot. It would be great if they had something unique to the menu!