Pizzafari’s Hot Italian-style Sandwich

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while probably realize I don’t order pizza at Disney unless it’s not the ubiquitous “flying saucer” pizza, with its thick crust and cardboard flavor. Fortunately, there are other items to order at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom that aren’t said pizza.



In early 2013, I tried a Hot Italian Deli Sandwich at Catalina Eddie’s at Hollywood Studios. One reader mentioned that they too had ordered it once, thinking it would be like the Hot Italian-style Sandwich served at Pizzafari, which, to their dismay, wasn’t. I’d only ordered their Breakfast Panini and Breadsticks from the restaurant at this point, but the lunch and dinner sandwich was still on my agenda of “items to order at pizza places that aren’t pizza.”




First off, the sandwich is huge. This is an easy one to split for those with less than hearty appetites. It’s stacked with ham (and I’m finding the ham on the quick service menus to be very salty, such as with the Egg, Ham and Cheese Flatbread at Tamu Tamu Refreshments), turkey, provolone, tomato, and Caesar Salad.


A touch of pesto also made an appearance, but the heavily dressed greens resulted in and overly-salty, soggy cover-up for any hint of brightening that pesto can bring. The bread was decent, and had I been eating this whole, I’m sure the saltiness would have mellowed slightly, but nixing carbs made this too salty for me to finish with a fork and knife.


Would I order it again? I’m not sure. Perhaps, if I’m going to eat the bread. But if I’m eating bread, I think I’d rather get the breadsticks, maybe alongside their entree sized Caesar Salad (easy on the dressing). I still think it’s a better option than this 😉 :


Here’s a look at the most recent menu:


For those in the same boat as me regarding Disney pizza (and Matt isn’t quite in the boat – he at least doesn’t mind the stuff), there are other options available. Personally, there are other quick service restaurants I’d prefer over Pizzafari in the park, but sometimes with crowds or famished members of your party, you have to make do with what’s close and more manageable.

Do you stick with pizza at places like Pizzafari, or do you tend to try other items available?


11 responses to “Pizzafari’s Hot Italian-style Sandwich

  1. I refuse to have any truck with DAK counter service until they bring back the sweet potato fries.

    … Oh, who am I kidding. Anyway, the Caesar salad ON the sandwich is interesting. Never seen that one before.

  2. It was nice having dressed lettuce on there for some more flavor, but it was overdressed and didn’t retain the crunch that would have been nice. 🙂

  3. That sandwich really doesn’t look appetizing at all. If I was stuck with eating at Pizzafari, I’d eat the cardboard pizza over that sandwich. I think I’ll stick with Flame Tree BBQ or get the samosa’s at Mr. Kamal’s. (If they still have those. I got them a few months ago – they were awesome.)

  4. I have to agree that the WDW pizza (Via Napoli excluded) is not that good and I wouldn’t order it…generally. However, at 2:00 ish in the morning after running the ToT 10 miler last October, that pizza definitely hit the spot. Greasy, carb loaded, it was the best WDW pizza (Via Napoli excluded) I’ve had in a long time.

  5. Jennifer – Fortunately, when I’m at the parks, it’s almost always on my own agenda so I can skip these kinds of foods and seek out what would likely be awesome, but sometimes I need to review them for the sake of being a bit more thorough with my coverage. Trust me, I’d MUCH rather just spend my time (and money!) tasting and writing about the AWESOME foods I find at WDW over and over again, but that would get boring for readers. 😉 And I agree with you – Mr. Kamal’s Samosas are delicious!

    Alan – Wolfgang Puck has some darn good pizza too, and WDW has really upped the ante on a lot of flatbreads. Still, Via Napoli is the best for a traditional pie!

  6. Oh, I completely forgot about Wolfgang Puck. Their pizza is really good too. Good call there.

  7. Oh, and Mama Melrose’s. 🙂

  8. I have not had the pizza there. I had a shrimp pasta dish and sangria.

  9. We’ll have an updated review soon where we both order our favorite items alongside a new (to us) appetizer and a Bloody Mary. I don’t think we’ve had the Bloody Mary there before!

  10. On the plus side…pizzafari is an awesome place for breakfast. I look forward to my spinach and goat cheese frittata on my trips.

  11. I’ve yet to try that, Kristina! It’s on my agenda – maybe next time I’m at the park in the morning. I did enjoy their breakfast sandwich when I had it!