Namaste Cafe’s Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs

With all four Disney park-inspired food trucks having made their debut, Matt and I stopped over to Downtown Disney to try out a new one (or two). We’ve already had Superstar Catering and were impressed by the seasoning of the meal, so were looking forward to what the other trucks were offering. However, like any other food truck, they are susceptible to the same problems as any other truck driving around town. We had hoped to sample items from Fantasy Fare as well, but they were having issues getting their kitchen to work.


With that in mind, we decided to split the Slow-cooked Short Ribs from Namaste Cafe, the Animal Kingdom’s themed truck. The truck also serves Tandoori Shrimp (Matt doesn’t care for shrimp) and Butter Chicken, which we almost ordered alongside, but at that time were anticipating getting more food from Fantasy Fare and didn’t want to be stuffed.



namaste-cafe-truck-menu-120713Click for larger

We placed our order at the window and paid, and a few short minutes later, our dish arrived. Two large pieces of meat were served on top of Basmati Rice and Naan, alongside an assortment of pickled vegetables.



The beef was well-seasoned and fragrant, not unlike the dish you find at Sanaa. It was tender like a pot roast, but with, to me, a more complex flavor. We both couldn’t stop eating the pickled vegetables either, and they helped with the richness of the beef. The rice was cooked nicely, but otherwise fairly boring without gravy. The naan was soft and perfect for tearing and scooping up bites of meat and vegetables.



Overall, the dish was a hit for both of us, and we were again impressed with the flavor and quality of the food being served from the truck. We even commented “Why can’t we get stuff like this at counter service in the parks?” I’ll probably order the Butter Chicken or maybe even the Tandoori Shrimp on our next visit just to try something new, but I imagine Matt won’t pass up the Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs. If you’re looking to sample a few items from the trucks, there’s plenty to share or enough for a filling meal for one.

If you’ve stopped by Namaste Cafe, let us know what you ordered and your thoughts!


8 responses to “Namaste Cafe’s Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs

  1. We haven’t tried any of the food trucks at Downtown Disney yet (they aren’t open when we’re there in the mornings)… These beef short ribs look very tasty. I read a glowing review of the lobster roll, but at $12 (?) it seems pretty pricy for something that we aren’t bananas about… I’d rather spend the $12 (plus $1) on a cocktail at bluezoo.

  2. The Lobster Roll is actually $18.25! It also looks to be similar to the one from BoardWalk Bakery.

  3. I can’t fathom an $18 lobster roll, especially since I know it won’t be a large enough sandwich to enjoy more than a few bites. That’s a shame too, because I’ll bet that it’s good. Those short ribs look good and I can’t wait to see the Tandoori Shrimp. I love shrimp.

  4. Even in Maine $18 is actually a reasonable price in the touristy areas (and I’ve seen higher), served on a New England-style split top hot dog bun. The one I had from BoardWalk Bakery was $16 in June, on par with what nearby Celebration Town Tavern (located in the town of Celebration). I’m fairly certain the one at the truck will be comparable in size to BW’s and not one of the tiny things served at Food & Wine.

  5. I guess I was assuming it to be roughly the same size as the Food & Wine serving or maybe a bite or two bigger. If it’s a full size sandwich, then $18 isn’t unreasonable.

  6. The best lobster roll I’ve ever had was at Fenway Park (Boston) and I’ve had a few in Maine (Bar Harbor mostly). I guess I’m just more interested in some of the other items at the food trucks 🙂

  7. Are the ribs spicy? I really want to try them, but cannot handle spicy food… at all, lol.

  8. These weren’t spicy in the sense of heat, but more fragrant and spiced with seasonings to give the dish flavor. You’re not going to burn your mouth eating these at all (unless they’re served piping hot!). Hope this helps! 🙂