A Look at The Fantasy Fare Food Truck

The other day when Matt and I visited Downtown Disney to try some of the food trucks we still need to visit, we were both looking forward to Fantasy Fare. The concept is a great one, featuring foods found in the “Magic Kingdoms Around the World.” Unfortunately, the truck was struggling to get up and running.



We headed over to Namaste Cafe for a bite to hold us over until they resolved their gas problem. Upon ourreturn, they looked like they had some prep going on, but still weren’t open with no discernible time in site. We’ll have to try again another day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at the menus!


While we weren’t interested in the Croque Monsieur from our own Magic Kingdom park that evening, I have had it before at Be Our Guest during their lunch service.

fantasy-fare-truck-menu-croque-monsieur-120713Click for larger

If the Croque Monsieur is just like the one served nearby, it’s a combination of carved ham, Gruyere cheese, and bechamel. Instead of Pommes Frites as the side, however, you’ll get House-Made Chips. For someone that’s not a big ham fan, I did really like this sandwich. If you can’t make it to Be Our Guest during lunch, this is a good opportunity to at least try something from the restaurant. I think the price at the truck might even be a smidge lower (!).


The Glass Noodle Salad with Chicken and Pickled Vegetables from Hong Kong Disneyland was one of the two items we were after. This was intriguing to both Matt and myself, but with him being a fan of Asian food, this was a great fit for him. I can’t wait to get back to actually try it. I’ll willingly brave the cluster of cars vying for parking over there one of these evenings!

fantasy-fare-truck-menu-glass-noodle-salad-120713Click for larger

While Matt was eying the Glass Noodle Salad, I wanted the Hand-dipped Corn Dog with House-Made Chips from Disneyland. Reason #1: I never had one when I went to Disneyland in 2010. *gasp* I know. Reason #2: Corn Dogs at Magic Kingdom are not hand-dipped. They are frozen (State Fair brand, as I’ve seen on one of the boxes a few years ago. The same ones you can buy at the grocery store). You better believe I was stomping my feet in disappointment when Fantasy Fare wasn’t showing any signs of opening! 😉

fantasy-fare-truck-menu-hand-dipped-corn-dog-120713Click for larger

Don’t worry. We’ll get back over for real reviews of Fantasy Fare and World Showcase of Flavors in due time. In the interim, I wanted to get the menus up and out there for you to check out. In case you missed them, be sure to visit our reviews of the Animal Kingdom-themed Namaste Cafe and Hollywood Studios-themed Superstar Catering. Enjoy!


6 responses to “A Look at The Fantasy Fare Food Truck

  1. The corn dog and the chicken glass noodles are on our radar to try 🙂

  2. Man, the corn dog I had on my one Disneyland trip was amazing. I am on board with trying one in February! Maybe we can meet for a corn dog! 🙂

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t get one! Definitely on my to-do list for my next trip out there. A corn dog meet up would be fun!

  4. My daughter and I tried the fantasy faire food truck last December , and overall the experience was kinda mediocre. They didn’t have the glass noodles available , so we had a corn dog and a croque. The staffers seemed overwhelmed. Ended up waiting a very long time for the food. Folks next to us asked for their money back after about 10 minutes. We stayed. Also ordering food/ paying / receiving food is awkward because the windows are really high and Really tiny. No trays. No napkins. No where to sit. The corn dog and the croque were decent, but fish and chips from the Irish takeout place around the corner would have been easier, faster, cheaper, tastier and at a table. So there’s that. Too bad really.

  5. Sorry to hear that. 😦 From what I recall, they had napkin and plastic ware dispensers off to the side of the ordering window of the two trucks we’ve visited. I found the overall experience (wait time, paying, receiving food, as you mentioned), on par with Orlando-based food trucks (that aren’t operated by Disney). Food trucks in general aren’t really “fast food,” as it is often made to order. They don’t have the area to pre-make/store under heat much food to serve guests really quickly like counter/quick-service restaurants with big kitchens, especially depending on what’s being served. Regarding tables, we’ve been able to snag a bench, but at the Food Truck gatherings around town, only a few of the trucks might set up some ironing boards as makeshift tables. You’re typically left standing or finding a grassy area to enjoy the food “picnic” style. It’s just the nature of the food truck, and it seems Disney is trying to keep it somewhat true to that, at least for now. Maybe in time they’ll put out a few hightops like they have for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. 🙂

  6. I think you’re right that Placing quick service expectations on a food truck will certainly result in disappointment. That must be something disney is thinking about. Having high tops nearby would be a plus, I think. The napkin / tray issue was definitely the result of an exasperated staff. I agree they must have had them somewhere. The last few times I have been at downtown disney I haven’t seem the food trucks again anywhere, so maybe it is still a work in progress. The idea is still really fun, but not too many people will want to wait more than 10 minutes for a ‘grilled cheese’ . –That’s actually how the guy behind the counter passed along my order to the grill after I asked for the croque Monsieur (!) 🙂