A Look at The World Showcase of Flavors Food Truck

World Showcase of Flavors is the Epcot-themed food truck that recently debuted at Downtown Disney. While I’ve yet to order from the truck itself, the items being sold are all ones that I’m familiar with, thanks to visiting the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival on an insanely regular basis.


The truck serves one dish found at three different kiosks from the festival, but with larger portion sizes (and price tag, as well). This should be an interesting concept both in the possibility of a changing menu, as well as a stop for guests who simply can’t make the festival get a taste of the event. Each dish is also given a wine recommendation for those who’d like a bit more “true” Food & Wine experience.




For the festival kiosks being offered, there are Hops & Barley, Poland, and Florida Local. While

world-showcase-of-flavors-truck-menu-1-1413Click for larger

Hops & Barley, during the festival, is found staged near the American Adventure Pavilion. It features dishes common to the New England area, including lobster, and chowder. The Lobster Roll has improved at the kiosk in previous years, and still proves to be a popular item from what I see when attending.


2011-hops-barley-linda-beans-perfect-maine-lobster-roll2011 Lobster Roll

My thought is that the Lobster Roll being served with House-Made Chips at the World Showcase of Flavors truck is that it will be, size-wise, like the one found at BoardWalk Bakery at the BoardWalk Resort (more than twice the size of the $7.50 Food ant Wine sample). Yes, the price is a bit steep, but not only are you at WDW, but it’s also a food truck. If you’re familiar with trucks in the Orlando area, it’s not unheard of to spend $10-12 on an entree portion. Plus, this is a lobster roll, and the price is on point with what you can expect to pay for one in the touristy areas of Maine (and I have).



I’ll admit I haven’t ordered the Pierogies with Kielbasa and Caramelized Onions from Food & Wine in several years. Growing up, homemade pierogies were a Christmas Eve dinner staple, and Kielbasa was part of our Easter Sunday meal. While I absolutely love everything about this dish, it’s just too easy for me to whip up at home. If I’m using a box of frozen pierogies, that is. 😉

world-showcase-of-flavors-truck-menu-2-1413Click for larger

2010 Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream

Florida Local had a hit on its hands with the Grass-Fed Beef Sliders. While the one we had at Food & Wine was a tad dry, but the Monterey Jack cheese added some kick, and the Sweet Pickles were enjoyable (they were “Sweet and Hot Pickles” during the festival). With this dish being served with House-Made Chips, the price tag is like buying two sliders from the festival and $2 for the chips. I also bet these will be better than a normal burger and fries which cost about the same, too. 😉

world-showcase-of-flavors-truck-menu-3-1413Click for larger


2013-food-wine-florida-local-florida-grass-fed-beef-slider2Grass-fed Beef Slider

Of course, there has to be wine! I’m not familiar with any of these wines in particular. Poor Pinot Noir gets no pairing. 😦 Guess it’s just for drinking!


For those who visit Food & Wine, have you tried any of the dishes being served? What do you think of the selections for the World Showcase of Flavors truck?


6 responses to “A Look at The World Showcase of Flavors Food Truck

  1. We haven’t had the pierogies in quite a few years (our response was like yours, I can make better at home with frozen pierogies and kielbasa).
    We didn’t try the beef sliders during Food & Wine, but these are most likely what I’d want if we stopped at this food truck (BTW speaking of pickles, have you tried any of the Wickles Pickles pickles? great combination of sweet, spicy, crunchy! we found them at WalMart and Publix locally).
    Pinot Noir? Good by itself, good with beef slider, probably great with the lamb from the Namaste truck!

  2. I haven’t tried Wickles Pickles actual pickles (but I LOVE their Hoagie and Sub Relish!), so I’ll have to check them out. I know I’ve seen them at Publix before, I’ve just never bothered to buy them since if I’m buying pickles, I go with Claussen. I haven’t bought pickles in general in a while though since I made my own spears for snacking. 🙂

  3. OMG I wouldn’t have guessed that you made your own pickles :)!
    One of my favorite pickled things = okra. Especially spicy pickled okra – almost makes me wish I really liked Bloody Marys (but I just don’t).
    The Wickles Pickles are pretty different from Claussen. These are more like bread and butter pickles really amped up with spices and heat.

  4. I just always buy Claussen Kosher Dills and don’t stray with anything else, although they do make a Hot & Spicy version I’d try. I’ll have to remember to pick up some of the Wickles next time I’m at the store. At home I’ve only made kimchi, dill pickles, and pickled jalapenos. 🙂

  5. I agree with your hope that Disney takes an opportunity to swap out this truck’s offerings frequently. I can’t see visiting it unless some other dishes make it in to the rotation.

  6. Even the local food trucks have ever-changing menus. They have some favorites, but are always trying new things. I imaging Disney will want to keep menus a bit more consistent over a longer period of time since so many guests aren’t local and will want to have an opportunity to try certain items. But underperforming items may get swapped out sooner rather than later.