Appetizers at Territory Lounge

Right off the bat, I want to apologize for the quality of the food photos you are about to witness. I was heading to property without the intention of food (!) and didn’t bring my real camera along, as I usually do. However, we found ourselves at Wilderness Lodge’s Territory Lounge ordering appetizers, and all I had in the dimly lit room was my iPhone.

territory-lounge-seatingExcept this photo. This is a real camera photo from the past.

First off, the lounge menu is one that evolves fairly regularly, with some items we’ve ordered in the past, such as the Northwest Charcuterie, and the amazing Smokey Portobello Mushroom Soup, which can be found on the menu of the adjacent Artist Point.

territory-lounge-menu-122013Click for larger

Since we were with some friends, we ordered a couple options that would be easy to share and pleasing to everyone’s tastes. We started with the Oregon Pinot Grigio Fondue, which is served with Artisan Breads and Fruits of the Season.


The breads included a sourdough and a heartier multigrain-type bread, while the “Fruits of the Season” were Granny Smith Apples and two figs.


The cheese was nicely melted and had a slight acidity from the wine. The flavor of the wine was noticeable, but wasn’t overbearing and paired nicely with the accompaniments. The flame underneath kept the cheese at a warm temperature without the risk of it “breaking.” We all dunked away until hardly anything was left.


We also ordered the “PNW” Buffalo Nachos: tortilla chips topped with an Apple and Cranberry Salsa, Buffalo Chili, and Sharp Cheddar Cheese. At first glance at what goes onto the chips, it’s a bit difficult to fathom how these flavors work together, but they do.


The chili was hearty, barely soaking into the tortilla chips, allowing them to retain their crunch. The salsa added a touch of sweetness to the other savory elements of the dish, much like a peach or pineapple salsa – which you’d likely see at the supermarket – would work. The use of sharp cheddar was also a nice change of pace from regular yellow cheddar or even cheese sauce found elsewhere on property. All these together make for a higher end snacking experience.


These two appetizers gave the four of us enough fuel to do a bit of lounge hopping and strolling around outside enjoying the resorts. I look forward to my next visit to see what changes are made to the menu and what items stick around. If you visit the resort in the evening (and it’s a gorgeous time to explore it!), take the time to visit the Territory Lounge for a drink and a light snack. It certainly has one of the more interesting lounge menus available on property.

Do you have a favorite (or two) that has disappeared from the menu? Which items stick out to you?


8 responses to “Appetizers at Territory Lounge

  1. disneymelissa

    I am so excited to try Territory Lounge in April. Both the nachos and the fondue look amazing!

  2. Mike from Rhode Island

    Last July, my group enjoyed the flat bread pizza with balsamic onions and fresh figs along with the popular Drunkin’ Donuts. Too bad they’re gone.

  3. disneymelissa – It’s a great little place to unwind, and the resort really makes you feel like you’re “away from it all.” I hope you enjoy it!

    mike – It seems they revamp their menu more often than the other lounges. The fondue used to be made with beer. I never got to try the donuts, but I really want to order the flatbread sometime!

  4. the mushroom soup is absolutely delicious!….steven

  5. It was incredible! I could have easily just ordered a second bowl for my meal during dinner! 🙂

  6. I’ve made a reservation before at Artist Point just to get that mushroom soup. It’s the bomb! Glad to know I can get it in the lounge. Might have to adjust the plans for my early February trip to stop by the Territory Lounge.

  7. With the lounge menu changing fairly often, it might not be on the menu when you visit. You can always ask the bartender or server if you can still order the soup if it’s not, but just be careful not to cancel your reservation until you know for sure, just in case! 🙂

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