Dinner at Splitsville

It’s been a while since I’ve ordered food at Splitsville at Downtown Disney. My first experience was far from memorable (at least from a “good” vantage point), and apart from cocktails at the outside bar, Matt had yet to try it for himself. With technical difficulties at the food trucks, we stopped in to get out of the cold and order some dinner.


For his meal, Matt ordered the Juicy Lucy. The burger consists of “two fresh burger patties smothered with cheese and topped with special sauce. Respect the Cheese!” Splitsville’s burgers and sandwiches are served with fries, and burgers are topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Matt asked them to hold the lettuce. Pickles came on the side.


The burger is not a traditional Juicy Lucy, which puts the cheese inside the burger patty, so I surmise this is receiving the name simply because of the amount of meat on cheese on this burger. Perhaps risk of lawsuit resulting from the first bite of molten cheese has the lawyers on edge.


The burger was indeed juicy, and I will say it was similar in preparation to some of the chain burger places people rave about (places like Five Guys, BurgerFi, etc.). It’s no Shake Shack, but we’d take another Splitsville Juicy Lucy over a park burger any day.


The meat was even still a touch pink, and the cheese was fully melted. They would be hard-pressed to melt the cheese if it was inside the burger and not overcook it. Oh, and the fries I tasted were cooked well too – probably some of the best crinkle cut fries I’ve tasted in recent memory. I’ve had them too many times where they’re not cooked at a hot enough temperature, leaving them oily, or served cool and soggy.


Apart from the tastes of Matt’s food, I’m still pretty much off carbs. I know that Amanda of Disney Every Day raves about the sushi at Splitsville, so I took the risk when I found an option that fits my diet: The Alberto. It has “no rice, just lean protein and veggies. Spicy tuna and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber and served with lemon ponzu sauce.”


I have to say The Alberto was pretty darn awesome. The ponzu was light, and some of the spiciness from the tuna gave it a bit more of a kick. The avocado wasn’t very noticeable tucked away inside the tuna, which made the tuna flavor more prominent. I loved the crunch of the cucumber with the other elements. I ate every last bite, and would definitely order this again. It would be perfect on a hot summer day!


Overall, we were both impressed by our meals. Splitsville is back on my radar as a place to visit for food, and maybe next time I’ll humor Matt and we can actually go bowling. 😉 I’m glad I gave them another chance (the Turkey Clubettes I had my first visit are no longer on the menu (pdf), and I look forward to stopping in again.

Have you had a chance to stop in to Splitsville? Did you just visit to look around, bowl, drink/dine, or a combination of those?


8 responses to “Dinner at Splitsville

  1. ! The Alberto sounds amazing! Have you tried any other sushi items? I find one roll is rarely enough for a meal, although this could be an exception.

  2. Aside from your initial review, I’ve heard raves about the food here. I’m glad to see that your follow-up visit was much better than the first. That burger actually looks quite tasty. It’s definitely not the hockey pucks that I’m used to seeing around Walt Disney World.

  3. My husband & I have been to Splitsville several times since they opened. (It’s always a good place to catch the Gator games on tv when at Disney.) We’ve liked just about everything we’ve tried. The Calamari is pretty good – we ask for the Thai drizzle on the side though. (Keeps the calamari from getting soggy.) I’ve had the regular burger that I thought was good. Both of us really enjoy the sushi. The Beauty & the Beast roll is probably my favorite. Their pizza isn’t bad either.

  4. Jenn – I have not at Splitsville. Usually when I go to restaurants that offer sushi, I go for eel. It’s my favorite!

    Alan – I was beyond happy that the food was really great this visit. I’ll return! 🙂

    Jennifer – Ooh, good tip about Gator games – maybe we’ll see you there sometime! We usually swing by ESPN. I really wanted to try the pizza, but the whole no/low-carb diet squashed that idea! 😉

  5. Hi. Long time reader, first time commenter. I’m a restaurant reviewer here in Minneapolis and host a restaurant-centric podcast called The Well Fed Guide to Life that focuses on Twin cities restaurants. I’m also a huge WDW fanatic.
    As a Minneapolis native, the home of the Jucy Lucy (thats the proper spelling). I can tell you, that’s not even close to a proper Jucy Lucy. Jucy Lucy’s are as important to MPLS as BBQ is to the south, so for WDW to call that a Jucy Lucy is a bit sacrilegious. (It’s that serious around here). The cheese must be inside! 🙂 Otherwise its just a cheeseburger! Anyway, keep up the great work. Enjoy reading daily.

  6. Hi Dave, and welcome! Do you know how much it pained me to spell it “juicy”? I had to keep telling myself it wasn’t a “true” Jucy Lucy. 😉 And it’s not actually WDW calling it one, as Splitsville is independent, but WDW does take some SERIOUS liberties appropriating names for things. I completely understand your need to communicate what a REAL Jucy Lucy is – I’m the same way about pizza and lobster rolls. I’d like to visit your way someday to order the real deal and hit up a ball game! Thank you for reading and commenting – I’ll swing by your site as well!

  7. The Alberto looks gorgeous! We had planned a dinner at Splitsville on our last visit, but it never happened. I’ll have to make sure it does the next time we’re in town.

  8. I was surprised by it! Hopefully you’ll get to stop in when you’re down next.