Earl of Sandwich’s BBQ Chicken and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

A few weeks ago, Earl of Sandwich announced two sandwiches for their Limited Time offerings: a BBQ Chicken Sandwich and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. As soon as I mentioned the cheesesteak to Matt, he was excited to try it, “as long as there are no mushrooms.” Fortunately for him, there aren’t. They are also offering a Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Brownie Bark.


The Philly Cheesesteak is, like some of their other sandwiches like their former Limited Time Pastrami Reuben, more or less Earl’s interpretation of what the sandwich is. You’re not going to find this sandwich smothered with Cheese Whiz. What you will find are cooked green peppers and onions, provolone, and sliced steak.


The peppers and onions have a nice grilled flavor, and the sandwich does not skimp with them. There is a solid layer of the veggies atop the steak. Provolone cheese is well melted and almost fused with the sandwich.


I took a bite and thought it was okay (I’m not big on steak sandwiches like Matt is), and Matt felt it was, overall, a bit dry and in need to mayonnaise. Since we were just sampling for photos and a fresh taste, this was remedied at home later in the evening. We toasted both sandwiches in the oven and Matt was able to add the mayo the Philly Cheesesteak needed.


Having enjoyed Earl’s BBQ sauce, I was looking forward to the BBQ Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich features sliced chicken, cheddar, red onions, and cilantro.


One thing I noticed is that the red onions appeared to be (possibly) pickled. They are sliced very thin and took on a pink hue that I normally see when I put them in the cucumber salad I make at home. Or, they could have been soaked in water to help remove their onion-y bite. They didn’t seem to be cooked like the onions on the cheesesteak as they retained some of their texture. Regardless, I liked the addition.


The chicken on this sandwich was plentiful and surprisingly moist. Even after the second toasting later in the evening, the chicken remained the same as when it was fresh. And while cilantro can be a polarizing addition to some, I like how it brightened up the sandwich both visually and from a flavor standpoint.


Of the two sandwiches, Matt and I each preferred the one we ordered for ourselves. If we return to Earl of Sandwich for either of these Limited Time options, Matt would add mayonnaise to his Philly Cheesesteak and I would order the BBQ Chicken just as it is.

Let us know if you get to try either of these sandwiches! Which one do you prefer? What did you think of your order?


4 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s BBQ Chicken and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

  1. I still think “Eat Each Wrap” should be a thing. (I would say “Eat Each Dessert” as they have lots of interesting selections, but I don’t want to make you sad. 😉

  2. Haha! Yeah, I couldn’t do the desserts. I’ve thought about the wrap idea, but if I’m going to do another challenge, I think I want it to be more Disney-centric. 😉

  3. How about a “try every beer in World Showcase” challenge? I’m game if you are.

    I like the look of that bbq chicken salad as I do love bbq chicken, but unlike the rest of the world, I do not like red onions with my bbq chicken. I don’t like the flavor combination. I’m sure I could request no onions but I can also just stick with my go-to sandwich options at the Earl.

  4. I think I already have tried all the beers in World Showcase lol. I don’t really like writing about beer (exception for the occasional new Big River brews). For me, it’s like, “The beer tasted good, so I drank it. The end.” Scott has the beer thing covered at Beers and Ears, so I’ll just let the professionals handle it. 😉