Disney Fantasy’s Vista Cafe

I’d like to start this post with an intro to the upcoming Disney Fantasy posts you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks. Naturally, there are a LOT of meals that we had while on the seven day voyage: seven dinners (including Palo and Remy), two brunches (Palo and Remy), and a couple of breakfasts and lunches here and there. I’ll likely just be hitting on the “major” experiences (trust me, there are a TON of pics to edit!), with a perhaps a touch of trip reporting added for non-major meals. These cruise posts will be interspersed with our “regularly scheduled” WDW reviews so as not to inundate you with just cruise food, so please, enjoy!

Our first food stop on board the Fantasy was at Cabanas, the buffet located on Deck 11 (Aft) of the ship. One of my favorite items while visiting Cabanas on the Dream in 2012 was the lamb chops, and the ones on the Fantasy did not disappoint! However, a couple hours after our light snack at Cabanas with a couple hours until dinner, we were in need of something light to hold us over. While wandering Deck 4 (Midship), we made a quick stop at Vista Cafe, where the glow of a display case reeled us in.


The self-serve case features Marinated Olives, Crudites with Ranch Dressing, Fruit Loaf, Parmesan Cheese, Red Grapes, and Prosciutto and Salami.


There are two hightops with chairs for seating, as well as more of a lounge area featuring couches for those who may want to linger a bit longer.


While these chairs in the photo below seem inviting, note that to the left is where a line of guests often forms along the balcony of the lobby for a photo with whichever character is nearby. It can get noisy.


Matt and I each grabbed ourselves a small plate to enjoy before heading to our stateroom to prepare for dinner. It was a perfect, light snack to curb that slight hunger we were starting to get.


Apart from the complimentary antipasto selections (pastries can be found during the day, I believe, but we were rarely on that side of the ship when on Deck 4), you can find a selection of coffee, tea, wines, liquor and cocktails at an additional fee.

disney-fantasy-vista-cafe-menu-12514Click for larger

We anticipated finding ourselves here more during the cruise, but with running around the ship experiencing the entertainment, this was our only visit. If we were coffee or tea drinkers, we might have stopped in more often, but being more interested in beer, we spent more time in Europa, the Deck 4 (Aft) nightclub and lunge area (similar to The District on the Dream).


5 responses to “Disney Fantasy’s Vista Cafe

  1. What is “fruit loaf”? I assume it’s something sweet and dessert like because it’s not on your plate šŸ™‚

  2. It looked to be some sort of bread with dried fruit in it and walnuts on top.

  3. Okay, so it was fruitcake šŸ™‚

  4. This spot looks so so so cute. I LOVE THAT DECOR. I would have wanted to go back too.

  5. I could totally see us just grabbing a drink and hanging out there people-watching!