Brunch at Disney Fantasy’s Palo

On our first morning of the cruise (Sunday), we planned a late brunch so we could sleep in a bit on our first day at sea. Smart move when it comes to vacationing, as there is no rope drop on the ship! We woke up, turned on the tv, opened the door to the verandah, and got ready before taking a quick walk through Cabanas. While this meal was the beginning of my lack of appetite for the remainder of the trip, I was really excited for the brunch since it would be my first time visiting Palo for any meal (and this was my 4th Disney cruise!).


I love this Chihuly-esque chandelier as you walk in.


Here is the first dining room, looking toward the entrance.


Heading into the second dining room is a wine cabinet (you can also see one in the pic above).


Here is the second dining room in which we were seated, close to the buffet.


But before we get to the food, let’s take a look at some more pictures of the experience. First off, this transports me to Italy in Epcot (and I have some more pictures from our dinner at Palo that will also reference this). Someday, I will diner at this table! 🙂





Our brunch started with some Mimosas. I need to start enjoying these at home once in a while.


Our first stop on our tour of the brunch buffet was the pizza station. (And please click as most of these picture can be viewed larger!) My love of pizza is infinite, but I did not order one. Repeat: I DID NOT ORDER ONE.  Having not been to Palo before, I asked Matt if they offer pizzas at dinner, to which he responded “yes.” The next night I found out he was thinking of flatbreads at California Grill. D’oh! Guess I’ll have to go back. 🙂


The next buffet station featured fruit and bread, including sticky buns.






The next station offered chilled seafood, including lobster salad, stone crab, mussels, and tuna.





The third station featured antipasto and some more chilled seafood. I think Matt’s eyes widened when he saw the Bresaola, considering how much we enjoyed it at Mama Melrose’s a few weeks prior.





Next up were the hot dishes that are prepared a la minute. We were free to enjoy the buffet items as we waited for these dishes.




Finally was the dessert station. One thing I find funny is that it’s assumed that I, because I’m female, love chocolate. No. No, I don’t. Please stop pushing it on me. Please don’t preface your explanation of the desserts with, “And you’ll love this…CHOCOLATE!” Don’t get me wrong  – our server was absolutely top notch, and more on that when I review our dinner. I’m speaking in generalities here, as it happened several times on the trip.





So what did we eat? Matt had to get a sticky bun. He also had a scallop, a grilled stack of vegetables (he even said, “I don’t know what’s in this, and I don’t want to know, but it’s DELICIOUS.” I think it had eggplant and zucchini, which, had I said anything, he may have stopped eating vegetables.), bresaola with cheese, and bread which I believe may have had ham and cheese baked into it.


I too had a scallop and bresaola, but also went for some strawberries and blackberries, Caprese salad, garlic green beans, caviar, lobster salad, and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.


For his hot item, Matt surprised me by ordering the Orichette Pasta with Salmon. WITH SALMON. Those of you who have followed for a while might know that we’re not big fish people outside of sushi, but we keep open minds and do give food an honest try. This wasn’t overly “fishy” and pretty good.


Of course, I kept it classy with Mozzarella in Carrozza. Fried cheese? Sold. They supposedly use the same Mozzarella Di Bufala as is used in the Caprese salad on the buffet, which is supposedly the Real Deal Holyfield from Italy. Needless to say, it was darn tasty, especially with the marinara.




On to dessert! Matt had the passion fruit cheesecake, yogurt-dipped strawberries, chocolate creme pot, and vanilla cream puff.


I went for the cherry tart, Grand Marnier-soaked berries, and a peanut butter white chocolate brownie. I loved the berries (note: pick up Grand Marnier and berries), but I loved the salty-sweetness of the peanut butter brownie. I should have gone back for another or 5 to bring back to the room. 🙂


Overall, I think Matt and I both agree that, for the price and experience, Palo’s brunch is the best overall value for the additional fee between the offerings of brunch and dinner at both Palo and Remy (all of which we experienced on this cruise). We both wish we had more of an appetite, because the food was really good and we would have liked to eat more. While we truly enjoyed Cabanas most mornings of our cruise for a quick bite, it was nice to have a bit of serenity at Palo’s. I’m confident we’ll book Palo for brunch again on our next cruise.

If you’ve enjoyed Palo for brunch, let us know how your experience was! [Adam and Andrew, I’m looking at you for your vegetarian view! 😉 ]


4 responses to “Brunch at Disney Fantasy’s Palo

  1. 1) OMG the fried cheese………

    2) I am a female chocolate lover and I too would be annoyed by the heteronormative “all women love chocolate” joke. Even if they meant well.

    3) Went to Palo for dinner and it was incredible. The vast difference between Palo and every other eatery on the ship (all subpar in my opinion) was shocking. Can’t wait to try it for brunch someday!

    2) It seems every server kept trying to get me to order the chocolate-whatever at each meal, despite my replying, “No, I don’t care for chocolate” each time.
    3) I have a dinner review in the works! I also have Remy’s brunch and dinner to cover as well – so much great food!

  3. Great photos – best I have found on the web so far…easy to read the signs of what everything is, which is most helpful. We have eaten dinner at Palo, but are doing brunch in April for the first time. Having a very hard time deciding (translate: limiting) what I plan to devour from the “hot item” sections and fear that I may indulge well beyond that of a reasonable person, but alas….it’s a cruise.

  4. Thank you! Brunch at Palo is a great value, so be sure to indulge! As you said – it’s a cruise! 🙂