Breakfast at Landscape of Flavors

Matt and I stopped by Art of Animation the other day for breakfast at Landscape of Flavors. The panorama below is from shortly after its opening in 2012, and it’s currently undergoing some work. During Spring Break. I didn’t bother with a picture (due to the aggravation that was going on – more on that shortly), but basically the soda station is walled off along with some checkout lanes and seating.


Matt decided he was off the low-carb diet and ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes. They are served with a side of bacon or sausage, and he chose the sausage. He even got a bonus link, which I was surprised, as the cast member serving the sides was a stickler on bacon being served. Maybe it’s because we waited 15 minutes on a 5 person deep line with a screaming child nearby. Perhaps he could see the agony in our eyes and was sympathetic.


If you wanted plain pancakes, there was a several minute wait because they ran out and had to make more. Matt received his order almost immediately, while I had to wait another 5 minutes for my order of the Breakfast Chicken Burger (both options were served in the same ordering bay). By the time we paid, got our soda (the RFID fountain was acting up and not reading the chip), and sat down, Matt’s pancakes were cold. “Don’t EVER bring me to a Value Resort again” was his reply. Otherwise, the pancakes were about as expected, but nothing great.


The chicken sausage, though lukewarm, wasn’t too bad.


My Breakfast Chicken Burger came topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, a Green Chili Omelet and Breakfast Potatoes or House-seasoned Fries on the side. I opted for the Breakfast Potatoes.


The Green Chili Omelet had maybe two miniscule pieces of chili in it (here’s what it looks like on the menu), and, while cute, the Mickey shape doesn’t give you omelet in each bite. I took one bite with the bun and everything tasted fine. I then nixed the bun to eat the protein with a knife and fork spoon. Oh yeah – I grabbed what was apparently the last fork, which Matt certainly needed more than I. I will say that the chicken patty itself had a good sear and was well-seasoned. That was the highlight of the meal and experience.


I also tasted the Breakfast Potatoes. Well, I tried to. They didn’t have any taste. No seasoning. They barely even tasted like potato, and were poorly cooked at that. I haven’t had the fries at Landscape of Flavors, but they probably would have been a better option.


The overall experience this visit was fairly poor, and we wanted to just eat and leave. It’s been almost two years since Landscape of Flavors opened and it seems streamlining is still an issue. Usually we don’t really complain if things are taking a long time, but we had an upcoming commitment and didn’t want to spend a lot of time at breakfast (hence why we opted for a quick service meal). If I were to return for breakfast, I’d get the Breakfast Sandwich, which was quite good, but nothing we ate this visit was worth going out of our way for. I definitely won’t be returning for any meal until the renovation is complete and it’s a quieter time of year.


4 responses to “Breakfast at Landscape of Flavors

  1. Well that sounds like a really poor experience. That’s a shame too, because I was quite pleased with my lunch here. Granted, that was early 2013 so it has been a while. I think I’ll stick with my chocolate Danish and banana from the fast serve locations.

  2. I had some issues in the past during lunch there, with my food going to the wrong guest and having to wait a long time to get my order, although ordering itself went quickly that time. There just seems to be a lack of communication even within each bay, and I’m not a fan of the bay system. We ordered from the same line and Matt’s food was cold by the time I got mine and we sat down. I’ve ordered from one line while a friend ordered from another, and while we placed our orders at the same time, she waited around 15 minutes for me after getting her food. Can you imagine a family of four or more wanting something different from each bay, and trying to get to a park? You’d have to plan some serious time for a “quick service” meal unless you can grab and go from the pastry case! 🙂

  3. This sounds like it has a lot of the same problems that the counter service in Pop has? Drives me insane, and I’d rather just leave and go somewhere else. haha ALL OF A SUDDEN I AM CRAVING SWEET POTATO PANCAKES. 😦

  4. I just don’t understand why they planned to have renovations being done during Spring Break. I WANT GRITS AND A BREAKFAST COCKTAIL!